The Most Common Misconceptions about Condos Living

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The Most Common Misconceptions about Condos Living

Most people in many popular cities prefer to buy a condo as opposed to buying a single-family home. The reason is that condos are way cheaper to buy and to maintain. However, condo ownership does come with its fair share of misconceptions; which this article will seek to clarify – the most common misconceptions about condos living.

One of the most obvious things about living in a condominium is just how impersonal it can be. How much it lacks a personal touch to things because it is managed by others. You must also remember that unlike single-family homes where you have a backyard all to yourself; with the condo, you are separated by a wall from your neighbours. However, apart from that, all else that you have heard about condos not being good enough is probably a misconception. Such misinformed views always discourage many dwellers who would love to own a condominium.

Here are some of the most common false impressions that people have about condos:

You Cannot Revamp Your Condominium!

Especially first-time homebuyers, are of the wrong assumption that you cannot renovate your condo. Now, that is a wrong belief. When you buy your condo, you are on the same level as any other homeowner; because condo ownership is just like regular homeownership.

You can refurbish the interior of the condo in any way that you like; which includes repainting the walls with your favourite colour. You may also bring a plumber to add your fittings of choice. When you buy your condominium; it is fully yours and you are free to renovate it in any way that you would like.

Just be careful not to cause any interference to the exterior of the building; because you share walls with other neighbours. Other than that, you are free to bring the condo interior up to speed to suit your specific taste; within the budget that you have set aside for the job.

There Is No Privacy!

Many residents who live in single-family homes and semi-detached houses use this excuse to avoid buying a condo. While it is true that you will not enjoy as much freedom as you would get from your own home; the truth is that there are some freedom and privacy too. Today, most modern condominiums are being designed in such a way that there is a lot of private space as you see in large cottages with indoor swimming pool and games room. They are developed with fewer units on each floor. While the traditional condos were too squeezed together, that is not always the case with the modern ones. However, you should do your due diligence to find a befitting condo.

HOA is just too much!

HOA stands for Homeowners Association fees and many detached and semi-detached homeowners give this as an excuse not to buy a condo. They conveniently forget the time and the money that it takes to successfully run a townhome or a detached house. When you have paid the HOA fees; you will be free of all the outdoor maintenance work. It is done by professional caretakers employed with the fees that you and others in your condo community pay.

The grass will be cut; the swimming pool will be cleaned and maintained; the exterior is taken care of; the leaking roofs fixed and the grounds manicured. In winter, the walking paths will be salted, the snow cleared for you, and the roof cleaned. That leaves you with a lot of free time on your hands to do what you like; unlike when you would have to do all of these things if you lived in a detached house. The condo association manages the funds collected making sure every need is taken care of.

There Isn’t Enough Space!

If you think there is not enough space in a condo; then you think wrongly. There is more than enough space in modern units. Today, condos are designed to suit different types of space needs. If you are looking for a condo that can house all of your family, you will find it. If you are looking for a condo for one or two people, you will find it. Developers are building condos with fewer units in each block; thus making the units large and more spacious. As well as adding some private spaces.


These are some definite false claims. You can research more and ask friends and family members who live in condos to know the real picture. If you are looking to buy a condo, just go ahead and take your time before making the final decision. If you love Santa Monica more specifically, Santa Monica condos for sale can be a good place to look at before you search around.

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