The Most Popular Destinations In Australia For Sports Fans

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The Most Popular Destinations In Australia For Sports Fans

Australians are as passionate about sports as any country in the world. That passion means; that there are invariably a number of sport-related bucket list items; for sports fans to tick off around the country. From the MCG to the small town of Bowral, these are the four most iconic sporting landmarks in Australia. These of the most popular destinations in Australia for sports fans.


Without wanting to oversell it, the MCG is Australia’s version of the Colosseum. Of course, it doesn’t have near the history of Italy’s most famous landmark. At least; as far as I know, has never played host to gladiatorial battles. Nonetheless, it is as iconic a sporting landmark as there is in Australia. Capable of bringing some of the biggest crowds in the world through the turnstiles; the ‘G, as it is affectionately known; has been around for over 150 years. Annually plays host to a couple of the biggest sporting events in the country. The first of these is the AFL Grand Final, and the fact that the favourites are paying $5 with Betway to win the Premiership suggests the race to get there this year is as close as ever, while the Boxing Day Test Match a few months later draws hundreds of thousands through the gates over the course of five days. With so much history, tradition, and great sport, the MCG is one of the first places you should visit when you arrive in Melbourne.


Bowral is a smallish town a little over 100km west of Sydney, and while picturesque, it doesn’t exactly rival its eastern neighbour for views and there are probably not a whole lot of immediately obvious reasons to visit it. Unless, of course, you’re a sports fan. Don Bradman is inarguably the greatest cricketer to ever live and one of the greatest sportspeople. Stories of him honing his craft as a child with a cricket stump, golf ball, and rainwater tank; are part of Australian sporting folklore. All of this craft honing took place in, you guessed it, the small town of Bowral. Unsurprisingly, there is plenty of Bradman and indeed cricket-related paraphernalia to be seen in the town; most notably at the Bradman Museum and the International Cricket Hall of Fame. For non-cricket lovers, it might not mean much, but for fans of the game, it’s a must-see.

Bells Beach

Anyone who has ever seen the iconic film Point Break; knows Bells Beach as the subject of film protagonist Bodhi’s affection; he’s not the only one. The crashing waves at one of Australia’s most famous point breaks are renowned the world over, and play host to one of the oldest tournaments in professional surfing. The contest, known as the Rip Curl Pro since 1973; was first held back in 1961 and has been held annually ever since. It has seen many of the biggest surfers in the sport’s history inscribe their names on the famous Bell trophy. It’s one of the most globally recognized sporting landmarks in Australia. Whether you head there to watch the pros during the annual Rip Curl Pro at Easter time; or are simply watching the locals; it’s well and truly worth a visit.

Adelaide Oval

It might not be the biggest stadium in the country, but the pride and joy of the town known as the City of Churches. Among other things, it is one of the most picturesque in Australia and indeed the world. The iconic arena first opened 150 years ago, and while it has obviously undergone significant changes then, one thing has remained the same since virtually the beginning – The Hill. The Hill is, as you may have guessed, a small hill that remains untouched at one end of the ground, and is where an old scoreboard that was first developed in 1911 has sat for over 100 years. Fans of cricket, Australian Rules Football, and even occasionally rugby league flock to this hill for a viewing experience from a bygone era, and when contrasted against the towering stands which surround it, The Hill makes the Adelaide Oval instantly recognizable.

It’s no secret that sport is one of the passions of Australia, and with decorated histories across a wide range of different sports, it’s little surprise that there are numerous great landmarks littered around the country. There are plenty more aside from the above, with the likes of the SCG and Suncorp Stadium also certain to pique the interest of sports connoisseurs, but the above four are some of the most notable, and each draws sporting pundits through the doors in droves.

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