The Original Old Spice man Is Back

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The Original Old Spice man Is Back

Everybody remembers the original ‘Old Spice Guy’ ,Isaiah Mustafa, as the man who brought back Old Spice from its doom, and then Terry Crews came in and the brand just grew stronger and stronger.

It’s been so long since either of these men appeared in an Old Spice ad. Fans will be happy to know that the original Old Spice man is back. He has come back side by side with Terry Crews. As expected they are smooth, suave, crazy and amazing. Isaiah Mustafa gets bumped off the screen briefly by Terry Crews, who engages in some crazy and hilarious stunts, before he returns at the end.

These adverts are so much more than ads; they are part awesome acting and part advertising. This is advertising at its best, if only all advertising were this fabulous. These  guys are simply in a league of their own. Watch it below – Terry Crews vs. the Original Old Spice Guy:

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