The Rock Has Set A New World Record

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The Rock Has Set A New World Record

Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, never ceases to amaze. He is one of the most loved actors in Hollywood with a score of fans waiting to applaud anything he does. The Rock this weekend has set a new world record.

While on the red carpet for the London premiere of his film “San Andreas,” The Rock took 105 selfies with fans in the span of 180 seconds. The Rock set the world record for most selfies taken in three minutes. It looks like Kim Kardashian has been dethroned as the official queen of selfies. Well, not quite! It was not the World Record for the best selfie ever, or the most liked selfie, Kim Kardashian is probably still winning on those counts. However, on the count for the fastest and most taken selfies in 3 minutes Dwayne WINS!

The Rock is officially the master of selfies, and he is now the holder of a Guinness World Record for his trouble.

You can see a short clip of his historic achievement below.

Watch below the exclusive new trailer for San Andreas starring Dwayne Johnson.

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