The sex women want.

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The sex women want.

Want to know the sex that women want? Want to be the lover she can’t stop thinking about?

Did you know that studies show that more than half of all women’s orgasms are fake? Dr. Kim Wallen, PH.D., a Behavioural Neuroendocrinologist at Emory University says: ‘The average incidence of sex that results in orgasm in heterosexual women is 75 precent, but that includes all types of sex, including oral sex’.

So, science says, there may be room for improvement. Here is a guide to better female orgasm, some tips and tweaks on winning bedroom skills.

1. Work on your massage skills

No woman has ever said no to a massage. Learn how to give a good massage, they feel good and are a good way to relax your lady before you get all heavy on her.

2. Power of kissing

Nothing turns a woman on than a good kisser. Kissing is like foreplay; keep those kisses coming if you want to get past fist base. Kissing shouldn’t be limited to her lips only. Kiss her neck, her back and up and down her thighs these are turn-ons that will take the sex up a notch.

3. Focus on her orgasm

Take the spotlight off yourself and shift it to her, make her orgasm the focus not your own.

4. Grooming

Grooming yourself tells her that you are doing everything you can to look sexy for her. You can’t get rock-hard or tight ass overnight, but you can manscape in the shower before your date. Read on men grooming tips.

5. Foreplay matters

This should be obvious, spend at least half hour warming her up for the main action. It benefits both of you, get her ready and make sure your tool is ready for the work ahead.

6. Match her game

If she’s quiet and shy or if she talks dirty follow her lead. Dirty talking in bed is an art and can spice things up in bed but let her take the lead.

7. Match her kink

Make sure that you go with her level of kink and not yours. It’s not surprising that your kinky mind is more advanced than hers.

8. Don’t be selfish

You can come alone, but you can’t have actual sex by yourself. It takes two. Think of her needs and satisfy them if you want this to be a repeat scenario.

9. CAT

Missionary position is the most common sex position and instead of pounding away like you see in porn. Take a little tip from science and try the modified version of the Missionary position called – coital alignment technique or CAT.

Science found that this position increases the odds of women having an orgasm by 56 precent, according to a study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

Want to learn how to do it? Watch this video from Debbie Herbenick, Ph.D., and get the complete rundown, learn the secret to blow her mind in all-the new ways. This simple technique could transform your sex life.


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