The Top 8 Spring 2021 Hair Trends for Your New Look

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The Top 8 Spring 2021 Hair Trends for Your New Look

2021 is finally here, and what we all need is a fresh start. It’s an unwritten rule that every fresh start requires a new hairstyle. The only good thing about the previous year is that creatives had a lot of time in their hands to get inspired.  So, if you were looking for a hairstyle that will mark a fresh start or you just needed a change, you’ve come to the right place, because we are going to present you with the 8 most popular hair trends of the spring season. 

1. The ’70s are back

The idea behind spring 2021 hair is fun, and what is more fun than the 70s? 

The most popular haircuts in 2021 will give us a tour of the past. Heavily- layered shags, curtain bangs, curly bangs, even mullets are the next BIG thing. All the hair structures and types can easily adapt to 2021 trends. 

For all of those who are not ready to say goodbye to their bob or don’t have the patience to grow out their hair, extensions are still the way to go. Also, if you don’t feel the retro vibe, don’t worry low-maintenance cuts with blunt ends and minimal layers are a great option as well.  Ahead are the 8 most popular hairstyles for the spring 2021 season.

2. Curly Bangs

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If you are not a fan of big changes, curly 70’s style bangs can make your existing haircut feel new and fresh. You can adapt this retro look to literally any hair texture, including natural 3C curls. Girls with curly hair can easily embrace this trend with bangs and enhance their natural curls. If you are not sure how to handle your 4c hair, here you can find some great tips

Simply, this is the perfect haircut for all types of curly hair, it looks fresh and funk and it will be the absolute hit of the spring season.

Curtain Bangs

Fashion Hipster girl, Stylish hairstyle. Makeup

How many times have you impulsively decided to cut bangs? Many for sure, and how many times you regret it? Probably a lot as well. Bangs are just the perfect choice when you need an instant change, but there is a big chance that after a few days you are going to hate it.

However, curtain bangs are something different, just like curly bangs, not only they are super cute but they make way for a smoother and more graceful grow-out phase. Aside from that, curtain bangs take any hairstyle to the next level, from sleek ponytail to messy bun, everything looks better.

3. The Shag

Different versions of the shag were popular throughout the time. But with the return of curtain bangs, this hairstyle became a trend again. This anomaly of a cut, characterized by layers, looks good on any hair texture even without bangs. This is a perfect choice for everyone who looks for low maintenance, plus when done properly it compliments every head shape. You can also choose a low-key version of the shag with sultry, face-framing layers that will easily grow out.

4. Classic Low Maintenance Cut

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Classic low maintenance is perfect for everyone who likes to keep things simple. If your hair is straight it’s best to stick with blunt cuts because that will make your hair appear thicker.  Wavy hair should have a few more layers to give your cut much-needed shape and natural, curly hair should take some shrinkage into account in order to keep it low maintenance. Another huge advantage of this cut is the fact that it looks perfectly fine when it’s air-dried. 

5. The Bob

Fashion Hipster girl, Stylish hairstyle. Makeup

The good news is that bob is not going anywhere. This famous hairstyle stands out whether you style it with waves or you chose to wear it straight. When it comes to bob everything is about tailoring it to your personal style. Shoulder length or chin-length, blunt or choppy, you have all the opportunity to customize it just for you. Bangs also go hand in hand with every bob, for instance adding long- luscious bangs to your bob will make you look like a movie star.

6. The Mullet

Believe it or not, mullet is back! The modern mullet trend with shorter face-framing layers in the front and length in the back is the hit of the 2021 spring season. Mullet is a highly controversial hairstyle, and it’s not meant for everyone, but if you have that rock n roll vibe in yourself, go for it!

7. Modern Pageboy

Here, we are talking about the absolute classic, this is the haircut you could see in Vogue back in the 20s. The modern pageboy is the sharpest hairstyle we will see in the spring season. With a deep side part, smooth brush strokes, and uneven snippy ends, this classic haircut got a dose of modernity. This haircut is a perfect fit for oval and heart-shaped faces, it frames the face and gives the confident look.

8. Extensions

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Growing your hair can take a while, luckily with the set of extensions, we can get our dream look much faster. They are also a great way to get past that annoying awkward stage of short hair growing. Long hair will never be outdated, that’s why it continues to be a trend even in the spring of 2021. The key point is to ensure that your extensions match your natural hair texture, whether it is straight or curly the goal is to dry it naturally. Right extensions will help you achieve everything you ever wanted.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, after reading this you found the inspiration you were looking for. As you could see, a retro look is THE thing of the spring season, still, classic haircuts like bob or page boy are a big part of the spring trend. For all of those who like to experiment, now is definitely the right time with the big comeback of mullets. Remember, all we need in this new year is “fun”, so be brave, change your haircut, do something you never did before and surprise yourself, the timing was never better.

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