The Top Spring Makeup Trends for 2020

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The Top Spring Makeup Trends for 2020

The new decade is here, and with it come new trends. There has already been an upsurge of bold makeup trends in the previous years, with some looks making a comeback after a long time while others being completely new and innovative. Read on to find out what you can expect from the spring of 2020. The top spring makeup trends for 2020.

Glitter everywhere

The colourful makeup trend that already started last year thanks to the HBO hit series “Euphoria” is still in full swing and will stay with us through the spring of 2020 as more and more glittery eye makeup looks pop up. So, if you haven’t been adding a healthy dose of sparkle to your life, you can still catch up with the trend. No matter if you want to keep it more low-key and just add a bit of glitter to your lid to spice up your eye shadow or if you want to go all out and add some sparkle under your eyes, the result will look fabulous. Glitter can be hard to deal with, though, so you’re better off learning from the best.

Sophisticated details

As if the previously mentioned glitter trend did not already make a point, in 2020, we’ll be seeing even more sparkly details. Eye embellishments such as crystals, pearls, face stickers and even temporary tattoos in metallic shades are all at your disposal, so there is a great variety of looks you can achieve. You can simply stick two gems under your lower lash line to bring extra focus to your eyes, or for an even more sophisticated and elegant look, you can turn to pearls and place them all around your eyes. They function not only as a makeup element but also as an accessory – wear hair accessories or clothes embellished with pearls and you’ll get a cohesive look.

A new take on the winged liner

The black-winged liner has been in style for so long now that it’s no wonder we are getting bored of it. Every year, new and exciting eyeliner trends pop up – and 2020 does not disappoint in this aspect either. One of the biggest eyeliner trends for this spring is the colorful liquid liner. We will see a lot of bright colours, particularly neons, being combined with contrasting colours for fun and playful looks. But besides the vibrant blues and neon greens, another colour is expected to stick around for a little longer after becoming popular last year, which is white. Yes, you heard it right, white liner is here to brighten up our looks. You don’t even have to be particularly good at drawing on that perfect cat eye since imperfect, sketchy looks are in too.

What’s good for your skin

As we already observed in the previous years, more and more people are starting to pay special attention to the ingredient list of each product they put on their faces. Which is why it is no surprise that quality organic makeup will continue to stay trendy. Sustainable beauty is a cause a lot of people are ready to support, so organic brands are seeing growth every year. Just like the ingredient list, a trend of staying “natural” is the goal of many, which means investing in just a few high-quality products instead of heaps and heaps of cheap makeup that might cause skin irritation.

Bushy brows

As we just mentioned, while some trends might be bringing neon colours back into style, there is also a lot of focus on being natural. And while some trends might be back from the 90s, plucked eyebrows are definitely not one of them. Instead of perfectly shaped and drawn eyebrows, this spring, we will see full, bushy brows all over the place. So, give a break to your tweezers and let your eyebrows grow out this year. When it comes to styling them, the process is quick and easy. Just grab a wand and brush up your brows to get the look. If you deem it necessary, use your preferred eyebrow product to add some depth and volume to your brows. You can use some gel to help keep everything in place – or you can turn to a handy trick that involves using soap.

Colour me blue

It seems that the colour blue will define the year 2020 in more ways than we thought. Being chosen as Pantone’s Color of the Year, it should not be surprising that blue is finding its way into makeup trends once again. While it is often found in various colour-blocking eye shadow looks, paired with orange and other complementing colours, using blue in its purest form for the entire eye makeup look is also trendy. From soft pastel blue all the way to bold metallic sapphire, any blue is welcome.

The spring of 2020 is bringing a lot of vibrant colours into our lives. So, say goodbye to boring neutral eye shadows and embrace the creative freedom that comes with makeup!

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