The Tremendous Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Solutions

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The Tremendous Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Solutions

As recently as twenty years ago, if your plumber told you that you had broken or damaged pipes or drains; you would probably end up rocking in the corner, sobbing loudly!

Not only were you up for the cost of repairs, but it also usually meant digging up your driveway. Or your pool. Or your landscaping. Or your pergola. Or your bathroom. Or maybe all of the above!

Commercial Premises and Infrastructure

Think that’s bad? Take a moment to consider the predicament if it was a commercial or industrial premise. Imagine finding out that a pipe buried beneath a twenty-story building, major freeway; or shopping centre was in need of urgent repair or replacement!

Tackling the problem would cause major disruption and inconvenience to hundreds or even thousands of people; meanwhile, commercial properties wouldn’t be able to do trade as usual. All of this is on top of the cost of the actual excavation and repair!

Any way you look at it, it would have been a disaster for the bottom line.

Thankfully, there IS another way.

Trenchless Pipe Solutions

In the last couple of decades, fixing underground pipes has been made much easier with the advent of modern technology.

However, not every plumber is able to provide this service as trenchless pipe repair requires special techniques and equipment. Your best bet is to search online for a no-dig plumber, or trenchless pipe repair.

Fixing the problem will usually begin with a CCTV inspection of the pipe or drain; via a manhole or other access point. You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope that you are working with a trustworthy tradie. Your trenchless plumbing specialist can actually show you what is causing the problem; before discussing the best and most cost-effective way to fix it.

Next, a high-pressure water jetter may be used to clear and clean the pipe; before a pipe-liner is inserted which will adhere to the pipe walls. Once cured in place, this creates a seal so effective, the pipe is even stronger than new!

We owe so much to modern technology and scientific development – from the ubiquitous smartphone to promising new treatments for serious illness. However next time you have a broken pipe, you will be particularly grateful for the tremendous advances in the plumbing industry!


Janet Camilleri is an Australian copywriter and blogger. No matter what she writes, or who she is writing for, Janet aims to amuse, inspire or inform – and sometimes, all three!

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