Things to Avoid During Melbourne Pilates Reformer Classes

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Things to Avoid During Melbourne Pilates Reformer Classes

If you have a keen interest in Pilates, a Pilates reformer class is likely to be very appealing. But, just like any group training, there are some things you need to know to ensure a safe and effective workout. So, here are some things to avoid during Melbourne Pilates reformer classes. 

Wearing the Wrong Clothing

A reformer pilates classes is a co-ed workout performed on an expensive upholstered material in a variety of positions. So, the ornamentation on clothing, such as zippers, buckles or other metal pieces can be very uncomfortable when you’re on your stomach, back or rolling through your spine. Additionally, these details can tear the equipment, causing costly damage. Try to keep your clothing simple and well fitting. You won’t want loose items falling up your legs or revealing too much when you’re in an overhead position. 

Zoning Out

Focus is crucial in Pilates, so while it may be tempting to lie back on a reformer and get settled for a nap, this is the last thing to do in a class. A reformer has wheels, bars, straps, moving parts and carriages, which can be dangerous to a moving body. So, if you zone out when your instructor is providing cues for safety, set up and execution, you will be put at risk of an injury. 

Abusing the Equipment

The moving carriage is attached to the reformer frame with a series of tight springs. This allows it to glide back and forth, and provide resistance when pushing in and out. The success of a pilates reformer class is often measured by the control maintained over the carriage. If you slide out with too much force and too far, you can hurt yourself, but if you allow the carriage to bang home by letting your muscles to go slack, you could damage yourself and the equipment. 

Checking Your Phone

While many of us find our lives ruled by our phones, this should not apply in a Pilates studio. Checking your phone is not only rude to the instructor, but it interrupts the flow of the class. So, bring your full attention to each class and leave your phone in your bag or locker. 

Moving Too Fast

Pilates classes are tempo dependent. Each of the exercises has a specific cadence that may be faster or slower than the previous exercise. Rushing through any moves can be disastrous. If you try to rush through transitions or set up, there is a chance you could get hurt, as you twist or bend too quickly. So look to your instructor for the rhythm of each exercise to move carefully and smoothly. 

Assuming You Know Better

A good instructor adjusts the class to the students in the room. Every student impacts each class, with tempos, sequences, modifications carefully modified for each class. Although it can be tempting to insert your favourite moves, stick to the class choreography. 

Making Weird Noises

Some of us may make noises or sweat heavily during exercising, but to maintain focus, try to retrain any weird noises. Gasping, strange breathing or grunting can be distracting to the rest of the group, but it can also mask directives from the instructor.

If you are interested in Melbourne Pilates classes, you should speak to us. We offer a variety of classes to suit all skill levels and would be delighted to help.

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