Things to Consider Before You Tie the Knot

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Things to Consider Before You Tie the Knot

Being engaged is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. Once you set the date, you work against the clock to plan your dream wedding and enjoy it. That can be a lot of stress! Lucky for you, this article is all about what you should do before you get married. Things to consider before you tie the knot.

Dress to Impress

When it comes to your big day, you should have everything look the way you want it. This seems obvious, but you may experience people giving their opinions when you don’t ask.

Our advice? Take it, then leave it. Take everyone’s advice in stride, then, choose whatever dress you want. Every time you look at your photos you will want to see yourself in a dress you chose. Take the time to find one that fits you and your budget. 25 years from now, you’ll be glad you did.

Insure the Ring

Before you go around showing your ring off to everyone, you want to make sure you can afford to. 

You can and should get insurance coverage for your ring. It’s an easy and inexpensive process. Your homeowner or rental insurance policy should have a rider option for jewellery, but you can also get coverage from an insurance company specializing in jewellery.

The next step is to get your new ring resized – if needed. Depending on where your fiancée bought the ring, many places offer a free adjustment. Your ring needs to fit your finger perfectly so you don’t lose it. It should be tight enough that it doesn’t easily slide off, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. Remember, it’s something you’ll be proud to wear all the time.

Digitize the Moment

You can now create a website just for your special day. It’s become a new standard for couples because it provides guests with a centralized hub for information that they’d otherwise lose. You can put up directions, contact information, parking instructions, and catering options. You can even have them RSVP, submit suggestions, contribute to the gift registry, and more! Many people use it to upload their wedding photos for all to see.

Making a website is a great way to help out your guests as well as attract vendors. These vendors are usually legitimate professionals who can take weddings to the next level. There is always a possibility of running into a bad egg, so make sure you protect your identity by keeping personal information saved until you absolutely have to use it.

Kick Back and Relax

Planning a wedding is one of the best ways to ruin the fun of being engaged. You wake up, tackle as many things as you can do in a day, and fall asleep exhausted, ready to do it again. Marriage is more than the wedding day you plan for. The many joys leading to it are all yours to discover and experience, but only if you take the time to actually allow yourself to.

Relaxing before the big day can mean everything from taking a nap or watching a movie, to going for a run or kayaking. Just make sure your activities are not at all wedding-related. 

That said, it’s also a great time to find some activities to do with your bridal party.

Just remember to find things that take your mind away from the stress of planning your perfect day. Remind yourself that life is to be enjoyed and work on the qualities you want to bring into your marriage before it starts.

It’s a good idea to make some of this relaxation time just for you, but reserve some for your partner, family members, and friends, in that order of importance. Reflect on why you’re getting married, why the family is so important, and why friendships are so priceless. 

Being engaged isn’t just about planning the wedding. There are many moments along the way with many distractions to make you miss them. Start your marriage off with the right principles and you will set yourself up for success in the years to come.

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