Things to do in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles has an exhaustive array of things to do. You can spend a month is Los Angeles and still not see it all.

Here is small sample of things to do in Los Angeles if you’re limited for time.


1. Universal Studios


Does LA have a Capital? According to Universal Studios it does and they are it. All joking aside, its an expensive park to go. The entrance price is steep (cheapest tix price is $74), and once inside they will gouge you for every cent on food and drinks.
If its summer, or a popular day, expect long lines that extend inside the rides for quite some time.

The rides and shows are fun, but can be a little short.

The Studio tour is pretty cool, as it mixes some real back lots with the ‘king kong’ 3-d ride. the running commentary can be a bit much though, and very cheesey at times.


2. Hollywood walk of fame

walk of fame

Ok when in Hollywood you have to do this…well..for about half an hour unless you are looking for a particular person’s star. If you get bored with this you could always go shopping. You read about it and watch it on the entertainment news but it is a bit of an anti-climax! Include this as part of a general visit to the area.


3. Hollywood Sign


One of the must see things in Hollywood. You can see the sign from nearly everywhere but at Hollywood Boulevard you can see the sign through telescopes. These telescopes are just to the right of the Kodac Theatre. There are 3 levels that you can stand on to get a great view.


4. Disneyland


Disneyland is a happy place to spend with the family. Especially at night to see the electric parade and fantastic water, laser and firework show.

Pace yourself, going to your favorite rides and shows first. If you cannot decide, Pirates of the Caribbean is cool boat ride to start with. Arrive a bit earlier to get better seats for the shows. You may not see all but at least see your favorites first. Take a break in one of the international restaurants, take a train ride around the park or cool down in one of the many souvenir shops. There is never a boring moment.


5. Olvera Street


Olvera Street is a lovely place to stop for a short visit if you find yourself in downtown LA. Olvera Street is a pedestrian only street that is only about a block long, stuffed full with Mexican eateries, both sit down and take out, and Mexican craft stores. You can’t walk down the street smelling that delicious food and not stop to have a taste.


6. Venice Beach


Venice beach is the place where many of the Hollywood wannabes gather and sing, dance, act… It’s a very fun place to hang out with flea markets and funny people all over the place.


7. La Brea Tar Pits


Your trip is not complete unless you visit La Brea Tar Pits. This is the site of a tarpit in midtown LA where for eons animals have been captured as they tried to drink what they thought was water. It is one of the richest site of fossils of extinct animals in the US. It is not a huge museum, but is very unique do to the fact they are still digging and finding fossils.


8. Griffith Observatory


An amazing place to visit – and it is FREE! Interesting museum exhibits make science understandable. You can go to the roof and look through the giant telescope, and also overlook the city of Los Angeles


9. Rodeo Drive


Famous (or Infamous Hollywooders) Actors and Actresses Shop here and you might see Leonardo DiCaprio, Britney Spears…etc, who are regulars here but they usually shop on Saturdays in the evening. The Beverly Wilshire Hotel has attained legendary status as the site of the 1991 Richard Gere and Julia Roberts flick, “Pretty Woman,”


10. Santa Monica


Santa Monica is a small coastal town with charming atmosphere. Santa Monica Pier has an amusement park where your kids will have fun. There are many restaurants in Santa Monica but definitely the most popular area is the 3rd Street, its a pedestrian street full of shops, cafes and restaurants.


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