Things you have to know before you buy a used Toyota

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Things you have to know before you buy a used Toyota

Are you thinking of buying a car; but, can’t afford the high price brand new car? Take it easy and don’t get anxious. There is another option to buying a car at a cheaper price. That option is buying a used car. Though you are buying a used car, you can buy a reliable car so that you don’t have to worry whether it will get stuck in between your trip or not. So you need to select a reliable brand; like Toyota that makes reliable cars. Buying a used Toyota car will keep you away from worries and apprehensions.

If you have made up your mind to buy a used car, then you can grab the best deal by adhering to the following pointers. Things you have to know before you buy a used Toyota,

1. Creating a Wish List

Make a wish list concerning all things you need in the used Toyota car. It can include preferred model, age (year of make), colour, features including safety features, kilometres clocked, etc.

2. Knowing Your Budget

Before selecting a used Toyota car with the desired age and kilometres it has clocked, it is imperative to know your budget first. Toyota has an array of vehicles ranging from Corrolla and Venza to the full-size Tundra pickup truck in different price segments. Having a budget in mind will greatly help you to narrow down your choices concerning used Toyota cars and assist you to select the one that best suits your needs.

3. Doing Your Research

When you’re ready with your wish list and budget, do some research for used Toyota cars that suits your criteria with the help of online sources like Cars Guide and Hello Cars. It will assist you to confirm whether any specific model(s) and model(s) age you’re looking at is worth the buy or not. Besides, it will protect you from paying more for your vehicle.

4. Consider a Certified Toyota

If you can find the right used (certified) Toyota car at the right price point, then it can be a good pick. It means the vehicle has been exhaustively inspected and obtained the required service and repairs.

When it comes to selecting a used Toyota car, Toyota Aurion can make a good choice if you can get it for a good price. Toyota Aurion is a mid-size, 4-door sedan car, manufactured in Australia and parts of Asia between 2006 and 2017. Based on the equivalent Toyota Camry, Toyota Aurion was produced in two generations. Whether you can find a used Toyota Aurion 2007 or Toyota Aurion 2017, they are equally reliable, offers excellent performance, ride quality, and comfort.

5. Late Model Toyota

Try to find a late Toyota model that has at least a portion of their original manufacturer’s warranty remaining. Generally, Toyota’s warranty is for 3 years or 100,000km, whichever occurs first. And from 1st Jan 2019, Toyota Australia has introduced 5 years manufacturer warranty for unlimited km.

If you get hold of a used Toyota car that has at least a year or so of a manufacturer warranty remaining, then you will get peace of mind for at least that duration. If you’re able to buy such a Toyota model, then even if your used Toyota comes with a portion of the manufacturer’s warranty, you may want to buy an extended warranty immediately after the purchase to grab the best price on a policy and make sure the best long-term care for your used Toyota car.

6. How Is the Looks & Comfort of the Used Toyota Car

If you have reached this far and that all other things are pretty good, then see if you’re satisfied with the interior and exterior looks of the car, as well as, the sitting comfort inside the cabin (front seats) and rear seats.

7. Check the Inspection Report

Request the seller to show you the actual inspection report of the used Toyota car that you’re planning to buy, and check it thoroughly. Agreed, Toyota cars are proven as reliable cars over the years, still, the condition and reliability of each used Toyota car will depend on its vehicle’s history i.e. how it was used and maintained. Cross-check the VIN (vehicle identification number) and see if it matches with the one mentioned on the inspection report. Suppose, the seller does not have one, then it is worth spending a little money and get one yourself, as knowing the history of the car is very important, it can save your hard-earned money by helping you to back out from the deal in case the car is not worth buying.

8. Take a Test Drive

If everything ticks the boxes, then the final thing to do is test driving the used Toyota car and see how it rides, brakes, and how the suspension performs in providing comfort while driving the car.

Final Words

It is much better to purchase a used Toyota car from a trusted used car dealer than from private parties. Besides, you can expect reliable after-sale service and car warranty from reputed used car dealers.



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