Things You Must Avoid To Have A Safer Pregnancy

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Things You Must Avoid To Have A Safer Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a beautiful feeling of giving out life into this world. You carry that little fellow in your body for months and endure tremendous physical, emotional, and hormonal changes. You get cranky, happy, and confused at the same time. Weird mood swings, unusual cravings, and a constant uneasiness while carrying the baby as it grows bigger and bigger almost the size of a watermelon.

However, the moment you take him in your arms, all the sacrifices and pain you have endured seem nothing in front of that adorable happiness.

To make your journey safer and to have a healthy time, here are certain things that you must avoid. No need to be anxious, simply follow the list and you can enjoy the best time of your life. These are the things you must avoid to have a safer pregnancy.

Body Postures

Remember you are just pregnant, not disabled. You can walk, jog and climb only if your body is flexible enough. During pregnancy never exert unusual and extra weight on your body. If you are a regular jogger, you must not quit as your muscles have the agility and strength to sustain the stamina without over-pressuring your body.

Certain Food

Cravings for delicious meals are one of the many perks of being pregnant. However, you must know the list of those items that can be harmful to you and the life you are carrying. So, here is the list:

Raw Meat:

Never eat undercooked meat from poultry to beef as they contain salmonella and toxoplasmosis.


Fish having high mercury levels like sharks, tilefish, swordfish, and king mackerel are strictly not allowed to consume. However, fish like canned tuna has a lower mercury level which is healthiest for pregnant women.

Raw Eggs:

Any food that contains raw eggs from homemade Caesar dressings to certain custards, Hollandaise sauces, to mayonnaise can cause a risk of salmonella.

Soft Cheese:

You must steer clear of having soft cheese due to the presence of listeria. Cheese like Camembert, Roquefort, Brie, and Gorgonzola.


Things You Must Avoid To Have A Safer Pregnancy- Caffeine

Caffeine can be pretty upsetting during pregnancy. It causes high blood pressure, lower heart rate, and disturbs the digestive system. It also crosses the placenta. You may feel charged after having a cup of coffee but your baby inside will face a slower development rate. Caffeine influence the baby’s metabolism. However, that does not mean you have to quit its consumption. You can have 150 to 300 milligrams (mg) a day.


You cannot go for taking over-the-counter medications or high potency supplements. Its recommended to consult a doctor and get only prescribed medications.

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

After caffeine, Nicotine is the most harmful thing during pregnancy. Stillbirth. preterm labour, miscarriages, and SIDS- Sudden infant death syndromes are all the many problems that can arrive. You know these shisha facts as a woman yet you feel helpless to quit smoking or drinking. Whether you go for a lighter tobacco consumption through puffing shisha or are a chain smoker of highly concentrated cigarettes, you need to pull back yourself from causing huge danger to your body and to the baby inside.

Things You Must Avoid To Have A Safer Pregnancy-Smoking during pregnancy

Alcohol is equally harmful and there is no safe quantity that you can consume. Whether you go for wines or beers, if you take a single shot of it, it can cause fatal spectrum disorders to harm your unborn baby.

Apart from this, caffeine consumption causes low birth weight which increases the risk of sudden infant deaths.

Raw Sprouts

Raw sprouts like mung bean sprouts, radish, clover, and alfalfa are all contaminated with Salmonella. These bacteria start to sprout due to the humid environment. It’s always best to cook the sprouts properly before consuming.

Fake Tan

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active ingredient of fake tan which is a non-toxic substance. It reacts with the cells present in the outer layer of the skin and produces a brownish pigment which is called melanoidin. As the DHA gets absorbed in the body it can cause allergies during pregnancy. The hormonal imbalance occurring in the body of a pregnant woman gets reacted with the DHA which can cause minor dangers to the skin causing rashes and dark spots.

Apart from this, taking tanning pills can be dangerous indeed as they contain a high amount of betacarotene. And the tanning injections accelerate melanin it is classified by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as the prescription-only medication.

Cleaning products

Certain cleaning products are highly dangerous during pregnancy. As the skin gets sensitive a slight concentration of chlorine or chemicals of dyes and bleaches can cause extreme skin irritation and the strong odour can cause nausea and breathing issues. You must put on gloves and cover your nose while using products with a high concentration of chlorine.

Mould Cleaning

You may be a Wonder woman who does all the household jobs herself but now that you are pregnant you have to take a back seat and let others participate in the task. As you do not have to over-pressurize yourself, do not go for scrubbing off the moulds yourself. It’s better to consult a cleaning service provider to get the job done. When cleaning a mould you have to use high concentrated products and have to exert more pressure scrubbing off the stains and moulds, which is not healthy for you.

First as mentioned above the products are dangerous due to the presence of chlorine and next as you get on your knees to put all of your strength into cleaning it might cause minor cramps and muscle pull in your body.

Wrapping Up

From participating in events to handling all the household chores, while being pregnant you can do it all but you need to be a bit conscious about certain things. You have to not put yourself out in a harsh situation as your body gets sensitive. So, much is going on inside of you and that causes major changes in mood swings, flexibility, and agility. So. enjoy your time and eat healthy to keep your baby grow faster and stronger.


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