This App Lets You Try Out IKEA Furniture

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This App Lets You Try Out IKEA Furniture

A new app, IKEA Place, will change the way you shop for your furniture. IKEA Place lets you try out furniture in your home before you buy it.

Sounds like fiction? It’s about to become real.

New technology engineered by Apple will make this a reality for any iPhone user. Users will be able to preview furniture before they buy it, by aiming the camera at the space they want to fill. The app will then superimpose a properly scaled and aligned image of the desired item into the user’s view.

With this app say goodbye to frustrating furniture shopping trips. You can buy furniture that is right for your place and fits perfectly where you want it.

Check the video below and watch how it works:

IKEA demonstrates the power of Apple’s ARKit – placing furniture in a room and looking at how it might seem and work. IKEA Place is a revolutionary app that will completely change the way you shop for your home.

When is it going to be available? The app is going to be available as part of Apple’s iOS 11 update in October, which will come with Apple ARKit – a handheld augmented reality playing field.

Want more info on Apple ARkit

This is exciting news and IKEA furniture purchase is going to be so much fun.

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