This Is Why Spaghetti Spoons Have A Hole In It

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This Is Why Spaghetti Spoons Have A Hole In It

Spaghetti must be one of the world’s favourite dishes among kids and adults alike. It’s simple to cook and turns out to be delicious every time. However, trying to get the right amount of pasta for one is always a little tricky, ending up with too much or too little pasta being cooked.

A recent Imgur post by PolarChi has, has solved one of life’s great mysteries. He has revealed to the world what that hole in the centre of the spaghetti spoon is for.

This is why spaghetti spoons have a hole in it.

Turns out, you can use the hole to portion out the perfect amount of pasta for one person. Just to think that until today, most people, including me, have been using the spaghetti spoon to serve pasta only. By filling the hole with uncooked spaghetti, you now have the perfect single serving of spaghetti every time.

Now you never have to worry about making too much, or too little spaghetti, ever again. You can now perfectly portioned spaghetti.

Did you know, that the hole in your spaghetti spoon holds the recommended portion for one serving size of spaghetti.


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