Tips And Tricks To Make Your Engineered Hardwood Flooring Last Longer

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Tips And Tricks To Make Your Engineered Hardwood Flooring Last Longer

Engineered hardwood flooring is the type of flooring that seems to be trending now. For one they are beautiful looking and lovely, not to talk of being easily installed. Besides, they work well with any surrounding, it can be installed in any room in the house, and it will still look nice. However, one issue most people have about this set of engineered hardwood flooring is possible durability, unlike regular hard flooring.

The engineered wood flooring needs extra attention to keep it shinning and right looking.

So, do you have this beautiful set of the engineered wood floor? Are you thinking of how to make it durable and last longer? Do not worry, I am going to show in a few steps how to preserve your engineered hardwood flooring.

Use Quality Cleaners

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

With floors, just like everything else cleaning is one key to keep them shining, but do you know that your cleaning agent can also ruin your floor surface? Yes, they can. Therefore, you should be cautious when buying cleaning agents. Ensure you use cleaning agents that are specifically meant for floors and not just any cleaning agent. Avoid cleaners with ammonia in them. Read the label properly and ensure the cleaner does not contain any chemical that can be harmful to the wood.

Secondly, avoid cleaners containing bleach. Yeah, that is right. Bleach is just too strong for your wooding floor; it is capable of distorting the colour of the wood and leave patches on the wood.

Sweep Before You Mop

Before you start cleaning, ensure that you get as much dirt and dust away from the floor as much possible; this is so that you can get the best result after cleaning. In addition, this will help prevent scratch that can result from sand or pebble rubbing on the wooding floor. Further, to prevent scratches, use a protective pad for your furniture. Moreover, ensure that you get a doormat to prevent sand from getting in.

Avoid Spilling Liquid On The Floors

To make your engineered hardwood flooring keep looking good, you have to be careful with liquid around it. Since it may be impossible to avoid spilling liquid altogether, it is vital that you mop liquid away from the floors as soon as possible. This is also to prevent stain and patches. Liquids like coffee or wine tend to leave a stain on things upon drying. So, you should not allow liquid to dry on the wood floor. When cleaning, you should wipe clean or use a damp cloth still better, use a vacuum cleaner. And, always rinse out cleaners entirely with clean water.

Clean It Frequently To Avoid Build Up Of Dirt

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Regular cleaning keeps your engineered hardwood flooring in a good condition. Besides, it makes your floor more comfortable to maintain. When dirt build-up on floors, it becomes even more difficult to clean.

Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners Or Harsh Chemicals

Abrasive cleaners are just too hard for your engineered hardwood flooring. And, it is better to avoid using them to clean your floors, also avoid using harsh chemical on your engineered wood floor.

Avoid Wax Cleaners

Cleaners that are wax based are just the same as abrasive cleaners; they are capable of ruining your engineered wood flooring.

Avoid Heat On The Wood Floor And Protect It From Sunlight

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Heat can make the colour of things fade, and this includes your engineered wood floor. You should avoid putting hot substances directly on the engineered hardwood floor surface; this includes electronics. When the sun is high in the middle of the day, you should use curtains to shield the floor from sunlight.


Making your engineered hardwood flooring glow and sparkle for a long time is not as difficult as you are thinking. It just takes some simple tips and tricks to follow, which you have only found out in this article.


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