Tips for Beautiful and Luxurious Gardens in Small Spaces

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Tips for Beautiful and Luxurious Gardens in Small Spaces

If you crave a beautiful garden but only have a small space to work with, you shouldn’t fret. The size of the garden doesn’t matter, it’s all about what it’s made of. You can make a perfect garden oasis out of the smallest possible space, as long as you have a vision. Gardens are relatively easy to manage when you know what you’re doing. If you’re short on ideas, here are some of the most effective ways you can create a gorgeous oasis out of your garden.

Tips for Beautiful and Luxurious Gardens in Small Spaces

1. Use horizontal layering

When you don’t have a lot of surfaces to work with, it’s time to think about going vertical. Gardening isn’t just limited to the ground, you know. Treat it like a piece of artwork. Create some additional layers at different heights of your garden.

There are several ways to go about this. You can use small pots to plant different flowers and vines along a wall or pergola. This will give some height and texture to your garden at various heights. On the other hand, you could get creative with some regular plants. Try to create layers with their leaves and flowers. If the plant has a bunch of flowers that grow at a specific height, use them to create a layer of that colour all around the garden. Use other plants to compliment that colour at a different height. It’s like making a painting, but with flowers!

Tips for Beautiful and Luxurious Gardens in Small Spaces

2. Have a tool basket

If you want to add to the charm factor of your garden and save up on some space, you should consider putting all your tools in one basket. This isn’t a figurative idiom, you should literally have a basket that you use to store your tools.

It’s a small change that can make all the difference in how you see your tools. Most people just lay them on the side of their garden and store them away in their shed in the winter. A basket would be a very charming addition to your garden and it can help keep everything you need in one place. If you want to make it look even nicer, consider placing the basket somewhere close by in your compact garden. Putting it next to some bushes by the pergola might do the trick. It wouldn’t be conspicuous, and it would be a convenient spot to reach them.

Tips for Beautiful and Luxurious Gardens in Small Spaces

3. Water thoroughly

When gardening, a lot of Australian gardeners opt to water their plants frequently, but in smaller doses. This seems like a pretty safe bet. You never overwater the plants and you don’t have to worry too much if you forget about it once. However, this is only a misconception, as this is actually detrimental to plants.

The main part of the plant that needs water are the roots. If you only water it superficially, the water might only reach the topmost layer of the soil and evaporate. This leaves the roots dehydrated as they don’t absorb enough water. Instead of watering it frequently and lightly, try to go for some heavier watering. Keep it infrequent enough so that you don’t flood your garden. It’s going to produce much healthier plants this way.

4. Add some shading

When you want to spend time admiring your garden, you probably don’t want the sun to get in your eyes. You should be able to protect your patio from the scorching sun whenever it gets too hot outside. Covering it with some awnings might do the trick.

Many Australian homes have pergolas above their patios, but few of them make use of some clever shading solutions like awnings. You can get some very useful retractable awnings in Sydney that keep the shade out only when you want them to. It’s a lot more convenient than setting a tarp over the pergola and constantly moving it when the weather gets more favourable.

Tips for Beautiful and Luxurious Gardens in Small Spaces

5. Add a small walkway

People often avoid putting walkways in their garden if they deem it too small. They feel like it might distract from the plants or take away too much of the surface that could be used for flowers and trees. The truth is far from it, though. A walkway could be very beneficial to your garden’s aesthetic.

When you design your walkway, make sure you create it with a slight slope. A small percentage is more than enough to encourage water runoff, without creating a slippery surface. There are lots of materials you can choose from. Some people prefer their walkways made out of brick, while others will choose stones and pebbles instead. There’s no significant difference between them, so it’s really up to you.

Everyone wants to have a garden of their dreams. It might seem like that would require a lot of space to create, but that’s not necessarily true. You can create the most beautiful garden out of a small outdoor space and still enjoy it to its fullest extent. The catch is that you have to get creative. If you apply some of these ideas to your garden space, you’re sure to be very quickly satisfied with the results.


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