Tips From Professionals On How To Keep Your Boat In The Right Shape

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Tips From Professionals On How To Keep Your Boat In The Right Shape

When you talk about boat maintenance, it can easily be compared similarly to maintaining your automobiles. There are certain factors that boat owners take care of themselves while the other factors are taken care of by the professionals mostly. 

The frequency of your maintenance will depend on how often you use your boat. If boats are used for frequent trips or speedy excursions, then more attention and time should be devoted to boat maintenance. The following tips should be kept in mind while doing your boat maintenance throughout the entire boating seasons so that you will be able to mitigate any problems that you may face. Read on tips from professionals on how to keep your boat in the right shape. 

Things To Consider When Trying To Keep Your Boat In The Right Shape

  1. Keeping An Eye On The Engine

Plenty of boaters break down mainly due to engine failures and had to be towed back to the port. But, this incident can easily be prevented beforehand if the right steps are taken towards the same. It’s recommended that you do a regular routine inspection of your boat’s engine so that it can cruise trouble-free. 

You should always begin with basics, like checking the engine oil. If the oil levels are low then problems will start to appear much sooner. Always give your engine oil a top-up when required. It will make your boat’s engine run longer and stronger. In case you’re not accustomed to such work, you can always take the help of jet boat in Perth services. 

After running for a continuous 50 – 100 hours, you can change the engine oil in a quick and easy manner. You also need to check for any fuel leaks and if you sense any kind of suspicion, you can always ask for the manufacturer’s advice or even call a local boat repairing services. Moreover, all the moving parts should be lubricated to prevent corrosion. 

  1. Flushing The Engine After Every Usage

When you run your boat in saltwater flushing should be done in order to prevent the salt deposits and crystals from damaging the internal components of the boat. If it’s about freshwater, then you have to get rid of the sand, mud and other deposits that get attached to your boat engine. 

Nowadays, most boats come with its flushing process and technology, making the method very simple to operate. Ensure to always consult with your boat’s operating manual in order to know the right process. In case you don’t have an automatic flusher inside your boat, then you can always buy a motor flusher separately. 

  1. Make-Shift One Area Of Your Boat As Dry Storage Area

It’s indeed an underrated thing to keep dedicated dry storage for storing all your dry materials. Every boat should be having this feature. Even though it can be hard to keep a dry area on a boat, it’s still always worth overall effort. 

Dry storage will keep all your essential needs organised in the right manner as possible. These include water toys, life-jackets, clothing or any other gear – so that it’ll be convenient for you to access them easily and effectively. If your gear is infested with water, water can easily turn into an ugly mess when it’s left out for longer periods. 

This is why you dedicate one compartment in your boat to keep all your necessary dry materials. Any material that is perishable or is directly prone to mildew or mould should be kept inside this area. Furthermore, you should always keep your life jackets, towels and water toys dry before keeping them inside the storage compartment. 

  1. Keep Your Boat Clean At All Times

Over time dirt, mildew and mould will get accumulated very easy. Even though it might take much more time than you intended to invest for the first time, you have to do much less work in the subsequent stages. Once you get the hang of things, you need to do much less on a regular basis to keep your boat tidy and clean. 

When you’re cleaning the interiors of your boat, make sure to use a solution that is biodegradable. You should also ensure that you vacuum on a regular basis inside your dry storage area. 


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