Tips to Detangle Your Hair Easily Without Breaking It!

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Tips to Detangle Your Hair Easily Without Breaking It!

If you ask a woman, tangled hair is the biggest issue of her life! Especially, when your tresses get tangled when you are out on a date or chilling somewhere. You take so much pain to make your hair look presentable and glimmering. But imagine if they get tangled after just a light wave of the wind? Of course, you look messy, and you definitely want to detangle it immediately. But alas, it isn’t possible without breaking a lot of hair strands. And at the end of the day, your good hair day turns into a bad hair day and you feel frustrated with your hair! Let’s look at some tips to detangle your hair easily without breaking it.

How to detangle your hair without breaking it?

Yes, you read it right! Now you don’t need to fight a battle with your hair each time you try to detangle it. It is very much possible to make your tresses look fantastic again without much effort or headache. Eager to know the tips? Then just keep reading!

The prevention technique

Before you consider the ways of detangling your hair, remember that preventing it is important. Do use only a mild shampoo with a lesser percentage of chemicals in it. Also, the right shampooing technique is essential too.  Don’t go on vigorously scrubbing your hair while washing it because this is what makes them rough and easily tangled later. And of course, do you use a nice, suitable conditioner on your hair after the wash? It’s a very important process that guarantees that your tresses stay smooth, shiny, and tangle-free for long.

Invest in a detangling spray

We call the detangling spray from Twisted Frizzers a life saviour. This is available in the most amazing quality which is sure to cause lesser hair breakage when you are detangling your hair using the spray. It is a pretty quick and easy solution for very badly tangled hair. You just need to spray it on your tangled hair and brush it. Believe us, the effects are really amazing.

Oil to the rescue

We all know that oil is the rescue party that we require for the problem of tangled hair. And guess what, you can use these oils on the go as well. Just remember to pick only the non-sticky and fragrant oil that is even beneficial for your hair so that you can use it anywhere. The best oils recommended to detangle your hair and not cause any damage are mineral oils and olive oil infused together to create a nice mixture that is non-sticky and nourishing as well.

Water therapy

Using water to wet your hair and make it manageable is also a very good idea to detangle it. Just use a little amount of water and wet your tresses. Now use a brush or comb to redo your hair and no one would believe it was that tangled before.

Wide toothed comb

Regular comb and brush can often destroy your hair while you try to detangle it. Such hair has to be managed very carefully because a little pressure can lead to a lot of hair fall. We suggest you go for a wide-tooth comb. These are very effective on the tangles and loosen the knots easily. And since the teeth are at a good range of distance from each other, you don’t get so much pressure on your hair.

Moisturising hair liquid

There are lots of moisturizing hair gels and liquids available in the market which are beneficial to keep your hair safe from tangling. You just have to use them after you dry your hair by applying a little bit on your fingertips and adding to your tresses carefully. And the very amazing factor of these moisturizing agents is that they stay on your hair for days until you shampoo it again. So, the matter of tangling doesn’t exist at all when you are using these.

These solutions are really effective to detangle your hair immediately. Now you won’t have to face the embarrassment of looking all messy and tangled. Just follow the above-listed steps and you are good to go anywhere anytime with glimmering hair. 


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