Tips to Eat Your Way Through Melbourne, Victoria

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Tips to Eat Your Way Through Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is a wonderful city for hedonists that enjoy their wining and dining with a taste of urbanity. The city is a hip paradise for hungry entrepreneurs. A delightful playground for those that simply want to eat and drink to their heart’s content. Every corner of Melbourne – be it the CBD or one of its many vivacious suburbs – offers an interesting food-joint with idiosyncratic traditions and secret recipes. If you and your stomach are ready, here are tips to eat your way through Melbourne, Victoria.

Tips to Eat Your Way Through Melbourne, Victoria-Melbourne food

Start off with CBD ‘joints’

Where does one begin their dining escapade in a cacophonous hotspot such as Melbourne CBD? Since there is pretty much at least one restaurant from each nation within its limits, you should decide what sort of cuisine you’d like to savour. Will you start with Mr Miyagi or Chin Chin or Supernormal? Are you in the mood for something casual? The eclectic menus of Postal Lane and Degraves Street offer a range of familiar and enticing choices. Or something sweet? Earl Grey & Rose has a divine assortment of doughnuts and freshly roasted coffee to die for.

Tips to Eat Your Way Through Melbourne, Victoria- Melbourne food, wine

Wine and dine in Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley, named after the eponymous river, is one of the most lauded wine regions on the Australian continent. The region spreads east of the Melbourne CBD. It has some of the most serene hillsides and gentle slopes you’ll get a chance to see in the Land Down Under. The climate is perfect for the cultivation of grapes, so many entrepreneurs have found success in winemaking. Naturally, the most renowned Warrandyte restaurants will also offer Yarra’s best brands of wine to wash down an exquisite meal. This suburb is the one you should pay extra attention to. Since the parkland serves as an ideal bucolic backdrop to your culinary adventures.

Tips to Eat Your Way Through Melbourne, Victoria-Melbourne food

Be a gelato connoisseur

Melbourne’s gelato central – N2 – has practically become a world-famous hotspot for ice-cold dessert connoisseurs. If you have come to this city in order to enjoy a bit of R&R mixed with chow-touring, you simply have to pay this place a visit. The very method of prepping and serving it – the liquid nitrogen gelato with chocolate-filled syringes – has become a sensation of sorts. Of course, it would be unfair to say that this is the only gelato joint worth your attention. You should also check out Scroll Ice Cream and Gelato Messina if you have enough time on your hands.

Tips to Eat Your Way Through Melbourne, Victoria- Melbourne food

Truck stops unlike any others

Food trucks have become a noteworthy foodie phenomenon in Melbourne. They have been popping up over the last couple of years. The trend doesn’t look like it will be waning anytime soon. So, if you want to try a bit of sinfully tasty fast food while in Melbourne, checking out these ‘truck stops’ surely sounds like a perfectly reasonable gastronomic decision. Playfully named White Guy Cooks Thai, is a stellar food truck you should definitely pay attention to. Gumbo Kitchen and the Little Mushroom Co are also worthwhile – the latter one, especially for vegetarians. If you are salivating for some spicy Mexican food, check out Dos Diablos.

Tips to Eat Your Way Through Melbourne, Victoria- Melbourne food

Turkish delights and Greek gourmet

European specialties are ubiquitous. Pretty much every city around the world has a restaurant of Italian or French kitchen. They’ll often offer you some truly incredible meals that taste as well as they are arranged. However, it is a greater challenge to find a stellar Turkish or Greek restaurant, especially this far around the world. Well if you are in Melbourne, look no further than Haci’s and Ali’s Jumbo Kebabs for, naturally, the juiciest kebab meals south of Equator. If your stomach still craves some gourmet grilling, check out Stalactites on Lonsdale Street for souvlakis that are out of this world.  

Tips to Eat Your Way Through Melbourne, Victoria-Melbourne food

Melbourne is a ‘melting pot’ of cuisines – one enormous pastiche, an eclectic soup of thousand ingredients that arrived here from every corner of the world. There are thousands upon thousands of choices strewn about the cobweb of Melbourne’s streets and alleys, and you’ll really have to pace yourself carefully so you wouldn’t lose the appetite before you try a bit of everything.

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