Tips To Protect Your House From Pests During A Storm

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Tips To Protect Your House From Pests During A Storm

It is second nature to perform spring cleaning as basic prevention against pests. In fact, spring cleaning usually involves deep cleaning as well. Homeowners tend to make a list of things to do once the weather turns brighter to help through the rest of the year. This may be more than the routine dusting and sweeping and include pest-proofing as well. This much effort might be sufficient for normal climate conditions, but it might not be able to prevent pests from entering your house during a storm. Pest prevention during a storm requires a special effort; most people will seek help from pest control services in Sydney. Here are some tips to protect your house from pests during a storm.

Tips to Keep Home Pest Free during a Storm

Pests can be a nuisance during normal conditions and are dreaded by all homeowners. Most homeowners will take appropriate precautions to keep pests away. However, the challenge of keeping pests out is tenfold during a storm or a hurricane. Storms cause obvious damage to houses and properties when they strict in a town. A major part of the damage is usually quite visible and can include broken windows, fallen walls, smashed glass, damaged doors, etc. A natural disaster can be very devastating for everyone. Besides the obvious damage, the danger of the infestation of pests is increased tenfold.

Here are several important tips:

  • The first action to take when expecting a storm to hit is to carefully inspect the interior and exterior of your house and hunt and structural issues.
  • Identify any issue with the house than can potentially get worse with the storm.
  • Search for cracks and breaks on the exterior and seal it efficiently with a silicone-based caulk to prevent pests from entering.
  • All existing damage to the house, like leaks and water damage, should be fixed prior to the storm.
  • Create a slope that leads the water away from the foundation to prevent damage to the foundation.
  • Garbage cans and house foundations are the most common places for pest infestation. Thus, the foundation requires special care and garbage cans should be placed as far as possible from the house.
  • Any standing water around the house due to flooding and heavy rains should be cleared as soon as possible since this is one of the biggest reasons for pest to form and enter a house.
  • Make a list of all potential places where water can collect like birdbaths, clogged gutters, flowerpots, grill covers, etc. and clear all the standing water.
  • Storms are likely to cause a power outage during bad weather, which may result in your food getting spoilt. Thus, get rid of any food lying around and avoid it rotting close to your house.
  • It is critical that all discarded food is picked up by the sanitation department in time and is not left lying around.
  • Any wood-rotting due to water damage is bound to attract pests. For example, termites are attracted to wood and will eat away on the doors or joints causing untold damage. The cost of this type of damage can be very high and is best to deal with at the time of the storm instead of dealing with the issue of pests.
  • Excessive moisture around the house like oversaturated soil is a breeding ground for insects. This is a big threat to your house and should be dealt with.
  • For those with swimming pools, it is essential to prevent water from entering the pool and contaminating it. This can lead to pests as well that are hard to get rid of.
  • High winds and bad weather can affect wildlife and pests like rats, mice, etc. Rats and possums will enter a house to escape from bad weather and seek shelter in your house if no action is taken. This might require special effort for possum removal in Sydney. Basic precautions to take to prevent this include fixing any damaged roofs or other small entry points.
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