Top 10 Most Anticipated Tech Products This Year

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 Top 10 Most Anticipated Tech Products This Year

With another year gone by, it’s once again time to look ahead to what new products we’re looking forward to this year. As the years go by, technology just keeps advancing and  there is not stopping it. Let’s find out what’s in store in 2016.

One thing we know for sure. 2016 will be the year of virtual reality (VR). The first product we expect to hit the market is Oculus Rift. The Facebook-owned VR system will require a PC, and will work with an Xbox controller.

From innovations in the gaming world where PlayStation VR is going to be a hit, Sony’s answer to Oculus Rift. To the world of health where wearable technology in the form of a simple ring. Oura ring, will keep track of your activities and suggest predictive data so you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Unlike other wearable technology, Oura rings were designed to look great on.

The list in the video below by watchmojo, only includes the newest and most innovative products from the tech industry that are expect to hit the market in 2016.

While most of us are looking forward to the new release of Nintendo NX, we are more likely have to wait until 2017 to get our hands on it.  As you guessed it’s not on this list.

Let’s join Watch Mojo as they count down their picks for top 10 most anticipated tech products of 2016.


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