Top 10 destinations to visit in South Australia

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Top 10 destinations to visit in South Australia

Are you an adventurous soul that wants to see a whale standing from a 90m limestone cliff with the Nullarbor at the back? Don’t worry, South Australia has got attractions galore for you to enjoy an exciting holiday and treasure it for a lifetime. Check out our top 10 destinations to visit before you plan your next trip to South Australia.

1. Kangaroo Island

The third largest island in Australia is noted among the country’s top natural jewels. Amazing cerulean seas, rugged coastal scenery, pristine beaches, and breathtaking rocks, intriguing caves make it an enigmatic hotspot. The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park is home to over 150 species and over 600 animals! Along with its namesake marsupial, you can see koalas, penguins, seals, sea lions, and various birds that truly depict nature at its best.

Kangaroo running in the wild

2. Adelaide

Speckled with splendid parks, gardens amidst the growing high rises, the city of Adelaide depicts a true culture that bears the fragrance of 19th-century panache. The shopping hub of South Australia, Adelaide is truly a centre of historic gems along with the most contemporary lifestyle. Even Nature is at its bounty in this place.

3. Barossa Valley

A day trip to this place resonates a perfect romantic rendezvous. The fertile soil carries in itself Australia’s oldest grape-growing zone. In the lap of nature, one can enjoy a true heaven of foods. History says that German and English immigrants settled in the valley, which is still evident from the historic buildings, museums, heritage trails, and European-style cuisine.

4. Clare Valley

Also, a popular Australian grape-growing region that depicts picturesque pastoral landscapes and a perfect romantic weekend retreat. The region is also known for its flourishing gourmet food culture. Polish, English, and Irish immigrants originated in this place, which is still evident in the charming heritage towns and the historic bluestone buildings.

Clare Valley:

5. Flinders Ranges

This is a place for the nature lovers, artists and the photographers. The arid and barren landscape definitely brings out the amazing display of colours. The visitors can see the rapid shift from pale pink to vibrant orange with the naked eye. However, the surprising part is the diversity of wildlife found in the area.

6. Fleurieu Peninsula

The picture-perfect landscape is the lover’s den. With an exceptional scenic beauty, the place offers plenty of outdoor activity during your stay, which includes fishing and boating to whale watching, bushwalking, swimming, surfing and much more. Beautiful scenery and wildlife reserves are among the best attractions.

7. Eyre Peninsula

Depicting a ravishing yet rugged coastline, Eyre Peninsula is the least crowded coastal stretch and for obvious reasons, it’s the best spot for romantic partners and honeymoon couples. While giving you an enormous attraction to look and feel, this region is indeed a crowd pleaser.

Eyre Peninsula

8. Murray River

The river itself is a treat to see. Apart from its crystal clear water, the mighty Murray is a popular destination of amazing wetlands and the habitat of hundreds of species of water birds. The mighty Murray offers amazing water sports during your stay.

9. Mount Gambier

It’s the meeting point of four beautiful crater lakes, sinkholes and gardens, thus creating amazing scenery. The major tourist attraction is the amazing natural phenomenon of the Blue Lake annually in November, during which the dull grey of the mountain turns into a brilliant cobalt blue.

10. Coober Pedy

A place of ultimate historic interest. Carrying out the remains of the ancient times, it’s a place of gold mines too. The prosperous history of prospecting premium opal stones makes this place extraordinarily popular.

Coober Pedy












No doubt, South Australia tours beckons you to plan your next holiday with a variety of activity to choose from. Ensure you plan your trip, so that get to enjoy everything that this beautiful destination has to offer.

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