Top 10 lies – Men vs Women

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Top 10 lies – Men vs Women

Yes, we all lie, little white lies are harmless and they just make for more interesting stories, right? Then we have the real lies, the ones that once unveiled cause a lot of commotion. We are only human and at times lying seems to be the sensible thing to do. Sometimes it comes out of a noble gesture trying to protect a loved one from hurt. Other times it’s because we’re trying to save our neck or we create this persona that is so much more than our real self.

An Australian advertising agency, The Works, decided to investigate this interesting subject in order to find out exactly which lies men and women tell each other the most. They pulled the info from a survey previously conducted by 20th Century Fox and created an infographic for the Internet.

The top lies men and women tell each other are exposed. Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine‘ came in as the number one lie for both men and women, however female lies appeared to skew more towards purchases, whereas male lies seemed to relate more to communication. We all heard women say ‘ oh it was on sale, real cheap’. Men probably use a lie like ‘battery died, sorry,’

It is not surprising that men and women lie to each other. We all have lied at one point or another for different reasons and at the time that reason seems quite adequate.

The Works teamed up with Dr Suresh Sood, to find out more about the kind of lying going on within the social media world, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A special algorithm was used to score these posts for deceit. Women were the worst offenders but their motivation was very different to that of men. Women lied to make people feel good and men lied to make themselves look good. 

The results of this so far has confirmed the general suspicion that people on social media are in fact living in a slightly different world. If you want more information read more on Datafication

Lies Women Tell Men:

Top10-Women lies women tell

Lies Men Tell Women:

top 10 lies Men tell

(Source: The Works, H/T: The Daily Mail)
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