Top 4 Strength Machines Every Woman Should Use

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Top 4 Strength Machines Every Woman Should Use

Whether you are men or women, fitness plays an important role. Physical fitness helps improve your overall health and fitness. Maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk for many chronic diseases, and promote good mental health. 

Regular exercise provides a great array of health benefits. This includes lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, preventing diabetes, improving mood and cognitive function, and reducing mortality. Every woman should use strength machines to improve their fitness.

Today, there are many easy ways through which you can start your workout. Several online stores in the market provide the best gym equipment. They offer various types of commercial and home gym equipment so you can start your workout from home as well. 

When it comes to women, many of them avoid lifting weights or using machines due to the fear of bulking up. This is merely a misconception. Women have 30 times less testosterone than men which means strength training helps in developing core muscles and boost strength. Here are Top 4 gym machines that women should use.

1. Smith Machine

It is a weight machine that is used for weight training. If you are a beginner then it is the free weights and barbells for beginners. You can easily knock out squats, presses, chin-ups all in one spot. Smith machines usually come with a barbell fixed within steel rails. It allows only and near-vertical movements and is perfect for counterbalance. 

2. Water Rower

When it comes to strength training, a water rower is an excellent machine. The water rower is naturally outfitted with a water flywheel that consists of two paddles and best suitable for total body workout. It is a smooth and self-operated machine beneficial for burning calories or reducing overweight. 20 kg barbells help with weightlifting. 

Note* Water rower is a perfect weightlifting machine for those women who suffer from postural issues.

3. Assisted Pull-up Machine

Several women say that they are not able to do pull-ups but it is not true. Assisted Pull-up Machine is the perfect fitness equipment that offers you the ease of doing pull-ups. With this machine, you can start with a small weight. It offsets weight depending on the counterbalance weight. Moreover, this machine is working for your shoulders, upper back, abs, and biceps.

3. Seated Leg Press

This is the perfect strength machine that allows you to tone your entire lower body at once. It is a perfect workout addition especially for those who want to build strong squats. The seated leg press has its own set of benefits such as:

  • Perfect warm-up on leg days.
  • Help you break through plateaus.
  • Beneficial for building squat strength
  • Build well-rounded legs

Note* Doing hack squats on the seated leg press machine is a good way for resistance training. 

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