Top 5 Fitness And Health Technologies to use in 2018

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Top 5 Fitness And Health Technologies to use in 2018

Tech is taking our world by its reins and changing it as we speak, in almost every field of our lives. The fitness world has been dramatically impacted and it is helping us keep track of our levels of fitness and health. Here are the top 5 fitness and health technologies to use in 2018.

 1 – Smartwatches and Wearables

The Omron smartwatch will be submitted for FDA clearance later this year. It stands out as one of the leading health tech smartwatches because of its unique band that is capable of checking your blood pressure. The band on the watch inflates and manual readings are taken of your heart rate measurements.  You can also programme it to take readings during the night, to test for risk of stroke and hypertension while you are asleep.

Tim Boyd from Hugo Sleep says “many stroke symptoms go undetected overnight while sufferers sleep. The key to the best health outcomes is being aware of symptoms early. That’s where the Omron HeartGuide steps in.”

Top 5 Fitness And Health Technologies to use in 2018

– Coros Pace: Designed for triathletes, this GPS-enabled Pace has dedicated modes for swimming, cycling and running.  Coros also claims that its watch can last on standby mode for up to 30 days, which for a wearable is very impressive.

– Garmin Forerunner 645 Music: Storing music is quite a novelty when it comes specifically to fitness watches.  But the first music watch from Garmin can store as many as 500 songs, and also comes with the digital payment system Garmin pay, running-focused training modes and GPS tracking.  

2 – Muscle Stimulate Power Dot

This product can work on any of your muscles, to help stimulate them for more efficient growth to support your current workouts.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for activating your muscle fibres to help you recover more quickly and get stronger.  The PowerDot works by using a simple app installed on your phone and allows you to control your workouts.  You choose the muscle groups that you would like to target and then an impulse gets sent to the pods to activate your muscles.

The feeling that is created by the PowerDot as it is stimulating your muscles is a bit strange and might be fairly intense depending on which settings you select, but you will get accustomed to it quickly.  It feels like it really is having a positive effect on your muscles, but whether that is true or not does still remain to be seen (since I haven’t used it for a very long time yet).  However, the next day my body does feel as if I have worked out harder.  It is compact enough so you can take it while you are travelling if you are concerned about missing some of your workouts while you are on a work trip or holiday; it makes an excellent gift for any fitness fanatic that is part of your life.    

3 – PainPod Wearable Painkillers

PainPod is a type of wearable that aims to replace your need for painkillers.  So if you suffer from any type of chronic pain, or know someone else who does, then you probably are used to all of the moanings.  Fortunately, you can use the PainPod to shut them up.  This new wearable gadget offers you a drug-free alternative to use instead of painkillers.    

PaidPod is listed with the FDA and claims it can change the entire face of music.   This gadget is powered by the combination of biomedical technology and microcurrent that the manufacturer states isn’t available on other publicly available devices currently.  This bioelectrical tech has the ability to understand our body and peripheral nervous system and how they work to speed recovery, improve performance and manage pain.  Just put in onto an area that is painful and it will start working its magic to help you get back in good shape.  

4 – PROMiXX 2.0 electric rechargeable protein shaker

No shaking is required by this protein shaker.  For all of the protein shake addicts that you know, you can buy a protein mix for them doesn’t require manual shaking.  After all, they have worked hard enough already in the gym, don’t you think? Just a push a button and all the work is done for you by the shaker.  It turns the concept of a protein shaker upside down.  It needs a charge every once in a while, but that keeps your powdered drinks properly mixed, and reduce the chance of you chomping down on surprising lumps midway through your post-workout beverage.  The detachable motor on the ProMiXX also means it is very easy to clean and has a separate compartment for the power so it can be mixed immediately after your workout so it is kept as fresh as possible.

Top 5 Fitness And Health Technologies to use in 2018

If you are searching for a quality protein powder to give as a gift along with the ProMiXX electric shaker, then check out Slender Blend from Protein World.  You can also personalise the blend by adding your loved one’s name and they will print it onto the tub.  This is a great Christmas gift idea for all of those fitness fanatics that you know.

5 – Fitness planning and genetic profiling by MUHDD

Muhdo offers a unique health tech gift that offers personalised fitness plans that are based on your genetic makeup and biomarkers.

The best Christmas gifts tend to be those that are highly personalised.  Genetic profiling is as personal as it gets.  Muhdo is one company that specialises in this.  This epigenetics company offers the most comprehensive and advanced biomarker analysis and DNA testing for performance, fitness, and health of any of the world’s genetics health company.  It helps you discover and capitalise on your genetics gifts in order to achieve all of your goals.

Just spit into a tube, then put a stamp on it and mail it off.  After conducting a series of tests, Muhdo’s team will develop a nutrition and fitness plan based on your specific genetic markers.  They will be able to tell you which nutrients your body needs to have less of and more of in order to complement the workouts you are doing, and what kinds of exercise you can benefit the most from.

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