Top 5 Health Benefits of Skiing

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Skiing

Skiing is not just one of the most thrilling activities in the world, ladies – it’s also good for your health! In case you’re accustomed to spending your winter months wrapped up in a blanket like a burrito, binge watching Game of Thrones with your dog cuddled up next to you, it might be hard to imagine yourself strapping on a pair of ski boots and propelling yourself down a mountain.

But that’s all about to change. Skiing has numerous health benefits in addition to allowing you to skip the stuffy gym and experience the great outdoors in all of its vibrant glory; it’s a win-win! Without further ado, here are the top five benefits of skiing.

A killer body without the gym

Top 5 Health Benefits of Skiing


Within a healthy body resides a healthy mind, but within a hot body resides a confident and happy personality. And skiing is the perfect substitute for a gym workout and in most cases, it’s way more demanding and infinitely more rewarding.

Going to the gym can become boring, and you can quickly lose focus and sight of your goals during those endless sets of extensions and squats, but with skiing, things can never become dull. Once you spend several hours sliding down a mountain, twisting, turning, squatting and jumping, your bum is going to be so sore that you are bound to sculpt a killer physique in no time. All that without lifting a single weight!

An easy weight loss

And speaking of killer physiques, skiing leads to rapid fat loss through cardiovascular endurance and bodyweight training paired with dynamic movements that are unique to the sport. Depending on the intensity and frequency of your ski sessions, you can burn up to 3,000 calories up on the slopes every day, so be sure to maintain a balanced diet to counteract the fast calorie depletion rate.

Additionally, your body will go into an emergency mode when it’s cold outside, elevating your natural body temperature by burning more calories, so you are definitely going to enjoy a rewarding weight-loss holiday.

A better sleep

Top 5 Health Benefits of Skiing

One of the key staples of a quality sleeping cycle is physical fatigue. That is why people find it hard to fall asleep during the winter months, as they tend to spend most of the day in a sedentary state, failing to tire themselves out properly before turning in.

Well, you’ll have no problem falling asleep after hitting the slopes for an entire day, as the sheer amount of physical exertion will make you face-plant the pillow as soon as you get back to your room. Moreover, because the fresh mountain air promotes healthy bodily processes and alleviates any potential stress, you will have an even easier time getting quality sleep as well as waking up refreshed and energized the next day.

Improved cardiovascular health

Remember, skiing is not easy and it requires strength and endurance. However, the rewards in terms of cardiovascular health are substantial. Before you head out diving, turning and tumbling down a mountainside though, be sure to wear adequate protection such as quality women’s snow gear that is made of waterproof materials and is durable enough to protect you from falls.

Improved cardiovascular fitness will allow you to ski longer and exert more force, but the benefits will also transfer into your daily life. You will have more energy, and you’ll feel strong and enthusiastic, ready to take on the world.

Plenty of vitamin D

Top 5 Health Benefits of Skiing

Finally, one of the biggest health concerns during the winter months and the subsequent flu seasons is the fact that people simply don’t get enough vitamins in their system. Especially vitamin D, which is in charge of numerous processes in the body and helps you preserve your long-term health.

Luckily, the elevation of ski resorts makes them the perfect place to spend your winter basking in the most opulent supply of vitamin D – good old sunshine.

In case you weren’t a winter kind of girl before, after reading about all the benefits, you are bound to give this thrilling winter activity a try. Grab your pair of skis, and we’ll see you at the top!

Mathews McGarry

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training, and spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects. After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for better life.
After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for better life.

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