Top 5 PutLocker Alternatives for Movie Streaming

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Top 5 PutLocker Alternatives for Movie Streaming

For the longest time now, PutLocker has been the most preferred online movie streaming site by many people. In fact, due to its fame and tremendous following online, some service providers have been forced to block it. This blocking has denied the majority of its users an opportunity to continue enjoying its services. 

However, many other online movies are watching that work just as good as PutLocker. Some of them even work much better it’s just that most people have never taken any tie to research them. These sites are so many and will still offer you many other services, just like PutLocker. Below we look at some of the best online movie streaming sites other than 

1. Los movies 

Loss movies are one of the best online video watching and downloading sites. The site has a catalogue that contains more than 2000 catalogue pages of movies and tv shows for all groups of people. If you wish, you can search for videos on the site using its name.  If not that, once you log to the website you will e able to see all the trending movies and shows.  

However, once on the site, you will have to make do with large pop-ups that will keep coming up after now and then any time you try to watch a movie. For you to enjoy every moment while on this site, you need to install an anti-ad application. The application will help you to block all these pop-ups ads and allow you to enjoy watching your movie peacefully.  

2. Popcornflix 

This is one site that allows you to watch all the movies and shows you like without having to spend any money. The main objective of the site is to provide its visitors with all sorts of movies of new and trending videos and also allow them high movie download speed. 

The site has all the movies you need beginning from comedy to action movies and so on. If you are not so sure of what you need to watch, there is a long list of categories at the bottom sidebar. The menu has all the latest movies and shows that you can choose from. 

3. Watch online series 

This site is specifically designed for those people that are addicted to online shows. If you are one of those individuals who like watching series episodes, then this is the right site for you. The site will allow you to keep watching all your favourite series and episode until there will be no more episodes left. 

The best thing about the site is that it has multiple series that you will be able to watch and enjoy every moment. Most of the shows you will find on the website are all in high definition with each episode having at least two mirrors.  

However, this site, just like many other sites, will come with endless ads. To make sure you enjoy your series without any interruption, you have to make sure you install an ad blocker. The ad blocker is going to make sure you continue enjoying watching your series without any bother. 

4. 123 movies 

This site is designed to give the best appearance compared to the other online video streaming sites. The website does not just have films and shows alone.    It also has so many cartoons. The section cares for everyone from kids to adults.  

This site is a much better option for other sites like SolarMovie.  Unlike other online movie streaming sites, 123 movies do not host any content on its servers; instead, it relies on other affiliate sites for content.  

5. Solarrmovie 

Solarmovie has stood out for long as one of the best online streaming movies because of many reasons. First of all, the site has the best design ever compared to all other sites. The second thing is that the site only selects the best movies.  

If you visit the site, you will enjoy watching the best and carefully selected movies. In most of the films, you will find our new and trending movies. With SolarMovie, you also have the option to register and make movie requests from the site. 


Other than, there are also many other movie sites that you are going to enjoy. The list above comprises of some of the best sites like SolarMovie that will suit you perfectly. 

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