Top 5 things to do in Singapore- Updated List 2020

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Top 5 things to do in Singapore- Updated List 2020

Singapore, though a small city-state, is a beautiful amalgamation of towering skyscrapers exhibiting its modern architectural magnificence and historical shophouses. It is a place for the riches to drool and simple folks to explore. There’s a lot one can do, when in the city. And just so you don’t miss out on sharing fun stuff buy a Singapore SIM card or Global SIM card beforehand. Here’s the list of top five things to do in Singapore that one shouldn’t be missing out on. These are the top 5 things to do in Singapore – updated list 2020.


1 Get Adventurous with Night Safari

When we listed down the top 5 things to do in Singapore, a night safari topped our list, as this is just what would get your adrenaline rushing through your veins. It’s a fun-filled affair for everyone, whether a solo traveller or a family. Get to see 120 species of nocturnal animals along with tigers, alligators, antelopes, etc. Take a ride through the electric prams that run through the perimeter of the wildlife park with a guided tour that starts from 7.30 pm and remains open till midnight.

2 Go on a Shopping Spree

How can one not dream about shopping, when in Singapore, especially when at Orchard road- the city’s main shopping destination! Shopping at the Orchard Road is one of our favourite picks for the top 5 things to do in Singapore, as the place boasts of its fashion extravaganza with decked up glistening malls, designer shops, and departmental stores. Home to some of the top designer shops like Hermes, Jimmy Choo, Singapore’s own Raoul label, etc., the place is a shopper’s paradise if you wish to splurge in shopping.

3 Visit S.E.A Aquarium

If you happen to be a water baby, then this world’s largest aquarium is your place to visit. Here, you can get a glimpse of 49 marine habitats and over 1L Sea creatures. Imagine entering through the shark tunnel with hammerheads, silvertip and sandbar sharks hovering just above your head. The aquarium also has Discovery Touch Pool, best for kids and an on-site Maritime Experiential Museum, where you could gain insights about Asia’s Maritime Heritage. Quite the sight you would not want to miss. Definitely one of the top 5 things to do in Singapore!

4 Take a Walk at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

Now, how could we not include this 3.5 Km long Marina Bay that is a hot tourist spot in our top 5 things to do in Singapore list. This bay is an environment-friendly recreation area with mist sprays to relive the tourists from the heat. The motion sensor fans provide a cool stop to the visitors. The perfect spot for lovers, who wish to spend some quality time, walking hand in hand and enjoying the sunset view. The illustrious place is adorned with natural beauty and towering skyscrapers along with architectural buildings add to the place’s allure. Many fun public events are organized in the area, which is cost-free entertainment for visitors.

5 Experience Singapore’s Chinatown

Last in our list of top 5 things to do in Singapore list, but not the least. This place is a sight to behold. The perfect mixture of old age heritage blended into new work of architecture in the city’s central area.  With Chinese heritage being at the heart of this place, people get attracted to this place for its old temples, historic shophouses, family-run shops, and tea houses.

On the other hand, one can witness bouquet hotels, glitzy restaurants and hip bars that give this place that modern touch. The Chinese tradition literally flows through the narrow streets and alleyways giving people that nostalgic feel that makes them keep coming to this place. Do visit Chinatown Heritage Centre, Best Thai Nightclubs, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Chinatown’s street market, while you visit this place.

So, this is our very curated list of top five things to do in Singapore. Hope you will find this information useful when planning a trip to this magical destination.

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