Top 5 tips to clean high rise window

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Top 5 tips to clean high rise window

The unsightly look of dirty windows can give a bad impression to anyone who visits commercial or residential places. Whether you need high rise window cleaning in Sydney; cleaning high rise windows can be really frustrating. However, cleaning windows is really important to maintain the building pristine. Follow these top 5 tips to clean high rise windows.

There is a problem with cleaning hard-to-reach exterior windows. To clean the exterior of a high-rise window, one needs highly-efficient equipment to get there. Once the problem is being assessed and accessed, one needs to be careful to clean and maintain the building.

Here are a few ways to clean hard-to-reach exterior windows:

Bring windows closer!

It is good to know what kind of windows you have. Certain types of windows allow disassembling for easier cleaning. If you can’t reach the windows and have an ‘easy-to-assemble’ window, one can remove, clean and assemble it back without causing any hassle.

If you have sliding windows, it is possible to lift some of them out of the frame. By lifting, you can give it a thorough wash if it has built up much dust from outside. This will allow you to clean dirt and dust off the track or the window frame.

You have to make sure to assemble or place the frame or panels in the same order when you’re done cleaning.

Use a ladder

A lot of people avoid ladder due to fear, and rightly so when it comes to high-rise window cleaning in Sydney. Having to work for a long time at a certain height with minimal to no can be scary. But with a comfortable and perfect working ladder, you are good to go. You have to make sure the ladder is working perfectly and is not placed on an even ground. Also, you have to schedule a day when the weather outside is good.  Avoid cleaning when there is heavy rain, constant lightning or snow.

Using the window cleaning kit

The quickest, simplest, and safest way to clean exterior high-rise windows is to use the right and efficient equipment. The window cleaning kit includes  U-shaped telescopic poles and attachments like a squeegee, circular sponge, and cleaning cloths. Other window-cleaning kits may have various other attachments. Buying a window-cleaning kit is a fantastic option for those who fear ladders.

Most window-cleaning kits work best on sliding windows. If you have very high-rise windows, this kit is of no use. In such a situation, the best you can do is call a professional like the Next Level Painting.

Using a mop

One of the alternatives to the window-cleaning kit is a large stick mop. A mop is an integral part of a window-cleaning equipment kit. Cleaning windows with a large mop can be irritating. You need to be a bit tricky while holding the large stick and at the same time cleaning the windows. There is only one more thing that you can do to get a sparkling window through a mop, and that is mixing one part of water to one part vinegar.

Once you clean the window using this mixture and mop, you have to wipe it with a clean piece of microfibre cloth.

Calling professional building maintenance 

Calling a professional for window cleaning is the best that you can do for your windows. It will save you time, and it is highly safe and efficient. Hiring professional window cleaners has many benefits. We do not need to buy equipment or kit or tools. You do not have to take any risk or invest much time and effort. For high-rise, professionals have the right tool and have experience reaching any height and cleaning the window.

They have physical strength, balance, and attention to detail to do the job aptly.  Professionals provide the best building maintenance services in Sydney that keep your windows sparkling.


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