Top 6 Reasons to Choose Big Data Analytics as a Career

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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Big Data Analytics as a Career

The big data field is growing at a staggering rate. Around 163 zettabytes or 163 trillion gigabytes of data will be generated by 2025. This means, more businesses are looking forward to adopting big data technologies. And it is fair to expect accelerated job opportunities for big data professionals. Therefore, the demand for big data skills will rise. With jobs at risk, a big data analytics certification could help you cope up with the in-demand big data skills. Here’s why big data analytics is a great career move in 2021. The top 6 reasons to choose big data analytics as a career.

1. Fastest growing job

Big data is everywhere. And one of the most interesting things about big data is the fact that it is evolving at a breakneck speed. If you haven’t realized, even when you’re asleep you’re still generating data via your mobile phones or computers.

You can imagine the amount of data the world is generating.

When talking about data, there are a few questions that strike our minds such as –

  1. Who would be analyzing all these data?
  2. What are the things required to analyze such types of data?
  3. Who would make use of all these data?

Well, there’s just one answer to all these questions. Such huge volumes of data are being analyzed by expert professionals such as big data professionals, data scientists, big data architects, and big data engineers. And how will they analyze data? They would need to use big data tools and technologies. Albeit, the rise of big data professionals and data scientists will only keep growing.

2. Lucrative salary compensation

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the data jobs are estimated to grow by 12 per-cent by 2028, thus, generating near about 546,200 new jobs during the same duration. Within the same period, organizations will be in dire need of professionals skilled in big data technologies and data science. The sad part is, finding highly skilled professionals is still a rarity. Another reason why tech professional has started enrolling themselves in the professional certification programs available online. However, you need to be sure to choose only the best certification for data science and big data analytics to stay current.

Let us have a look at the salary structure of these professionals –

• Big Data Engineer

– $130,000-$222,000 per annum

• Data Architect

– $119,750-$193,500 per annum

• Data Scientist

– $105,750-$180,250 per annum

Business Intelligence Analyst

– $87,500-$185,500 per annum

Database Manager

– $111,250-$186,500 per annum

• Data Modeler

– $80,750-$170,000 per annum

• Data Analyst

– $83,750-$142,500 per annum

Salary compensation will vary based on the type of company, work experience, updated skills, and geographical location.

3. Big data to be accessible by all

2021 marks to be a year where big data is predicted to become more accessible and useful. Data lakes have been in use since 2018, where an environment was created to store large volumes of data. By 2021, most of these data will be stored or housed in systems which will be much more accessible by the tools that will use them – like analysis, predictive modelling, and visualization. This will provide a platform having unlimited possibilities for every business operation.

4. Data analytics used by every top organization

Both small and large companies are adopting big data analytics. Thus, the growth of data is taking businesses to the next level. Big data experts and specialists are now having a significant impact on marketing techniques and business strategies likewise.

5. Opportunities are open in a wide spectrum of industries

Almost all industries are relying on data. Therefore, you can choose to start your career in any industry that best fits your choice.

  • Finance
  • Data Quality
  • Higher Education
  • Sales Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Assurance

6. Analytics the core key to decision–making

Analytics is one of the resources every company needs to stay competitive in the business market. Based on Analytics Advantage, it is said that 96 per-cent of respondents of the survey said that analytics is bound to become mandatory to organizations in the upcoming three years.

The world is generating a huge volume of data that is not being used completely. Therefore, in the coming years, nearly 49 per-cent of respondents believe analytics will become the key factor in making better-informed decisions.

The world will always need professionals to analyze data. And since data keeps growing at a rapid pace, the need for big data professionals will keep rising.


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