Top 6 Things to Do in Melbourne

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Top 6 Things to Do in Melbourne

Australia is a country that has a lot to offer. If you’re planning to go for a trip and visit this lovely continent make sure Melbourne finds its way on your list. This city is the cultural capital of Australia and there are lots of reasons for that. No matter the season you choose to visit this place, the fun and excitement are guaranteed. There you may find lots of parks, cool street art, and cafes where you can meet and talk to locals. Get a few days to explore and wander around to find out all the lovely places in this city. Here are 6 top things to do in Melbourne.

1. Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market


This market is the heart and soul of Melbourne. It’s a great place to discover unique products, souvenirs, and fresh food. This is an inner-city market where you can find over 600 small businesses and a sense of belonging in a multicultural atmosphere. The market is open 5 days a week during the whole year. 

On Wednesday nights this market is a home to the Night Market that offers you live music, global street food and a fun night out in Melbourne. 

2. Explore the City by River 

Explore the City by River


One of the most interesting things you can do during your stay in Melbourne is to discover the city by the river. Going through the city by a cruiser and seeing it from rivers can give you a different perspective of the city. Escape crowded city streets and go for a fun Melbourne river cruise to see all the major attractions by rivers. Cruises usually last for an hour and this is the best solution to fit in so much information and sightseeing in a short period of time. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything and you don’t have to walk for hours. All you have to do is sit back, maybe order a glass of local wine and enjoy the view. This way you’ll save some energy for the other stuff that is only reachable on feet.

3. Surfing 

Melbourne Beach


For all the beach and surfing lovers, Melbourne may be the right place. The most popular destination for surfing is the Great Ocean Road. Be sure you visit Bells Beach along the way. This beach is just an 80-ish minute drive from Melbourne. It’s a short drive for a fantastic surfing experience. 

Another destination you might want to visit if you’re in a search for waves is one of the Victoria’s most popular surf beaches – Cape Woolamai. This place is also just a short drive from Melbourne (45-ish minute drive) and it’s worth visiting it because of its rich natural environment. 

4. Street Art 

Street Art


Melbourne is known for its street art and unique expressions of art that you can stumble upon almost everywhere in the city. Street art is approved in this city and there are specific locations for expressing yourself through street art. This way, the level of graffiti is reduced elsewhere and artists are given enough space to show off their skills which can both locals and tourists enjoy. The city’s laneways are filled with street art which contributes to an urban city’s environment. You don’t have to go far to see all the lovely murals and mixed media art. Some of the loveliest laneways of Melbourne include AC/DC, Union Lane, Strachan Lane, and many others. 

5. Federation Square

Federation Square


This city’s attraction is not easy to miss. This venue is home to cultural and world-class events, tourism experiences and lots of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy yourself. Federation Square is the symbol of Melbourne that was opened more than 100 years ago and because of its importance, it’s listed on the Victorian heritage register

Inside this building, you’ll find a busy railway station and a small shopping area where you can try some delicious food.

6. Botanic Gardens 

Botanic Gardens


Visiting Botanic Gardens is a wonderful thing to do in Melbourne. They are walking distance from a busy city centre offering you an oasis of peace and calm. These gardens are a good place to rest a bit while you’re making a plan on what to do and visit next. Here you can enjoy colourful and gorgeous flowers, tranquil lakes and a diverse collection of plants. This place is great both for children and adults. 

If you’re planning to visit a Land Down Under make sure you visit Melbourne. This city is the second-largest city in Australia and it’s known as a cultural capital. Melbourne is truly a special place where there’s always something happening. This place can offer you a multicultural experience where you can enjoy whatever you like – sport, beaches, and surfing, music, markets, style or architecture you name it. During the whole year, this city will definitely help you create unforgettable memories and experiences. After visiting this city you’ll probably want to get back again and explore it even more. So book that trip and enjoy the lovely Melbourne!

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