Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World

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Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World

Alcoholic beverages have been with humanity since times immemorial. As the grand human civilization developed into the mosaic of different culture. Each of these cultures had its own “drink” to offer. Therefore, one of the most decadent and sublime globe-trotting adventures one can embark on entails discovering the best drink a specific corner of the world can offer. These are top 7 booze cities around the world and drinks that are part of their tradition.

Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World

1. Munich is where beer lives

The impeccably preserved Alpine landscapes of Bavaria, that are brimming with Medieval facades and old castles. Are the perfect backdrop for a superb vacation and some alcoholic decadence. Head to the biggest city in this region – Munich – to try its legendary traditional beer. If by any chance, you can arrange your schedule so you can visit this city during the “infamous” Oktoberfest. You will be in for a treat the best beers your money can buy in combo with delicious wurst sausages.

Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World- Booze Cities - Munich

2. Edinburgh is where whiskey lives

Head to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, to revel in a glass (or few) of a cutting-edge scotch whiskey. This corner of the world is not only the motherland of scotch. It is also one of the most staggeringly beautiful cities you will ever see. Edinburgh truly does not get enough spotlight on most tourist lists. This is an excellent opportunity to kill two flies with one blow, have your alcohol inflected adventure and enjoy the inspiring medieval and Georgian architecture.

Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World - Edinburgh

3. Tokyo is where sake lives

Japan’s traditional beverage, sake, should be savoured among the neon glazed signs and beaming sidewalks of Tokyo. The city itself is one gigantic, overwhelming work of post-postmodern art. A haze of its colourful kaleidoscopic cityscape will look just as impressive with a few shots of sake in your belly. Wherever you end up drinking this beverage. Make sure it is a place that serves sake in Ochoko, a traditional ceramic cup. If you start feeling disoriented only after a few shots, don’t worry, you are probably not as drunk as you think. It’s just the city’s gaudy architecture that’s playing tricks on you.

Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World - Tokyo

4. Melbourne is where wine lives

If you want to be unpredictable and mix things up a bit, leave Italy and France behind. Head straight to the Land Down Under to the unbelievable winery in Melbourne and take a chance on the Australian wine. Trust us, this will only be the first out of many tours you will partake in as you embark on the Yarra Valley wine adventure. This region is renowned for the cultivation of grapes and many premier vineyards. The quality of climate resembles the Mediterranean fluctuations. Because it is such an unexplored region for many tourists, it is much more exciting for exploration.

Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World - Melbourne

5. Mexico City is where tequila lives

Mexico City is a bustling metropolis with a very idiosyncratic atmosphere and rhythm. Of course, many tourists cannot wait to visit Frida Kahlo’s house. Try the renowned tacos, which is a national gastronomic food.  But tacos can be enjoyed significantly more if you wash them down with the glass of tequila. This legendary drink is made from the blue agave plant and it is distilled in order to get that very distinct smell, taste and texture. Served with lemon and salt, it is, by far, one of the ‘healthiest’ spirits out there. It is known that it helps with digestion and stomach cramps, and a twist of lemon always brings a welcoming influx of vitamin C. Of course, just as anything else, it is healthy when consumed in moderation.

Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World - Mexico

6. St. Petersburg is where vodka lives

St. Petersburg is the cradle of Russian culture. It is a metropolis with sublime architecture and an awe-inspiring selection of bars. If you want to mix bohemian culture and drink in a signature Slavic way that still has an air of metropolitan about it, this is where you should come to drink vodka. The clientele you will come across is extremely vibrant, diverse and interesting. Russia is not a part of the European Union, so some restrictions do not apply which means that you will get to party until dawn. It will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World - St. Petersburg

7. Belgrade is where rakija lives

While we are on the topic of Slavic regions, you can continue your streak of “ex-socialist alcoholic adventure” and head straight to the ex-capital of Yugoslavia and try the notorious Balkan spirit – rakija. However, be warned – even Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister admitted that it’s a “killer” drink. Still, Belgrade is a captivating city to see and explore. It is by far the biggest city in the region and its architecture mixes brutalism influences with ‘colonial’ Austro-Hungarian facades. It is a city where you can have a truly wild time.

Top 7 Booze Cities Around the World- Belgrade


]You might not necessarily discover the truth at the bottom of the glass, but you will almost certainly discover the most exquisite alcoholic beverage from the region you are visiting. If you can embark on this adventure with a group of friends, you will end up having a rollicking ride of a lifetime. There is hardly a better way to spend a carefree vacation and blow off some steam.

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