Top 7 SEO Techniques Of 2020 To Boost Your ROI

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Top 7 SEO Techniques Of 2020 To Boost Your ROI

In the digital era, ranking high is very crucial, especially if you want to bring relevant results to your business. The best part is that there are plenty of SEO experts out there who can help you to optimise your website to attract the right users.

In Melbourne, SEO agencies use these techniques that help one to formulate these fantastic SEO strategies, prioritising your actions and enables you to save time.


1. Optimise your titles and headings

While paying attention to SEO, essential highlights like keyword research and title optimisation were not performed effectively. This might be the reason why your website is not targeting the maximum audience. The title tag has the most weight when it comes to search engine optimisation. Make sure that your keyword is well placed in the title. The more critical keyword should be at the beginning of the heading.

2. Prioritise Pages in Website Navigation

Navigation is one of the essential elements of your entire website. It is the first thing that links your website to the other pages, and it is usually on top of each page. You can see in various sites that the most relevant keywords are linked to the right from the navigation menu. These links will be found on every website, which is what makes it essential in Google’s eyes.

3. Add Breadcrumbs to Your Pages

If you have an e-commerce website adding breadcrumbs can be very beneficial for it.this is because breadcrumbs are responsible for creating structure within your site.

You can also consolidate the strength of your category pages by linking them with the subcategories and related products. The case with the ones using CMS is that breadcrumbs so make sure you check the template setting first. It will be even more comfortable if you hire a developer to do the coding and technical part for you.

4. Implement Tracking on Your Site

Tracking is essential if you want to spit out the weak points of your campaign. If you track your rankings and traffic regularly, you will be able to spot the issues with your website. If you need to work harder, you will be able to say so by regular monitoring. It is better to stay updated to know if your ranking has dropped to avoid any penalty.

Applications like Google search console and Google analytics can help you to monitor any traffic issues with your website.

5. Install an SSL certificate

SSL has become an essential factor for ranking because of the security cybercrime, which has been on the rise. All you need to do is change your domain’s name server. This will help in blocking spam and bad IPs from entering your server. It will ensure that clients gain more trust in your brand.

6. Compress and optimise your images

Images tend to consume the most space on your server. Thus, it also means that they take a lot of physical space on the user’s device resulting in wasting a lot of time to load. To avoid this kind of hassle, make sure that you compress the size of the image with the help of various compression tools available.

You can compress the image size every time by using TinyPing so that you can upload the compressed version of the image which will help you to compress the photos every time you upload an image.

7. Increase the site speed

After images, the factor that affects the loading of your website is the site speed. Factors like files, PHP conflicts or database queries can take very long to load. To avoid slow database loading, you can try to limit the plugin used to the very minimal. Make sure to get rid of the unnecessary plugins and extensions.

Don’t be deceived by something that looks very nice for your site’s appearance but is of no use at all. That might only end up occupying unnecessary space on the website’s database.

All of these SEO tips will not only help in making your website fast and responsive, but it will also help in attracting more traffic to your site. You will be able to improve the rankings with the help of these tips.

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