Top Dog Breeds for Single Women

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Top Dog Breeds for Single Women

There are still a lot of single girls there who are looking for the right guy. But while they are searching for their prince charming, they still need to have somebody to keep them company. This somebody doesn’t have to be a real guy, a dog can suffice just the same in some situations. You need somebody who is strong, courageous, faithful, somebody who will listen to you and generally keep you company. All of these characteristics can be found within a dog.

But there are still a lot of dog breeds out there, so if you are new to this you have to consider finding the right one. Again, it is no different than finding a guy. You just have to tailor match your dog based on your needs and your taste. You just need to get one which will be perfect for you and not for anybody else.

So let’s dive in head-on and see some of the most suitable dog breeds for single women, according to the list that we have comprised based on our findings.


The first one might sound like a cliché, but it is not. A Pekingese is one of the most suitable dogs for women. They are small and cuddly while being extremely loyal at the same time. A Pekingese might need a lot of grooming, based on the type of course, and you will have to spend long hours getting it in shape, but girls who like that sort of stuff will most certainly enjoy it. What many people do not know about a Pekingese is that it is a very ancient breed and also very smart. These dogs have been used to guard ancient Chinese temples, so they can guard your apartment equally well. If a single woman is living alone in an apartment, this small dog acts as the best burglar alarm that money can buy. These dogs are very courageous and will attack anybody who poses a threat to their masters. The Pekingese price is not so high as well, so you can find pups at a very acceptable price range.

Top Dog Breeds for Single Women - Pekingese

English Bulldog

An English Bulldog is a really mean looking dog. Their frame is wide and they are stocky. Add to that a mean looking face and you get a dog that you do not want to have any trouble with. But the real truth is that these dogs are very much docile. We can even go so far as to say that they are lazy. It makes them a joy to keep in an apartment as they will not disturb the peace and tranquillity of your living area and will hardly move, except changing the poses on your couch. But if somebody is disturbing their master they transform into aggressive machines. They are attached to their owners and the area they live in so as soon as they sense that somebody has wrong intentions towards their owner, they act quickly. Thus an English Bulldog is a joy to keep around the house and also a dog which will give you all the protection you need.


Why a Greyhound? Especially a Greyhound. Or better yet, a retired racing Greyhound. These dogs can live up to 14 years and retired from racing between 2 and 5, leaving a lot of time to enjoy with the master. After racing, these dogs are accustomed to spending a lot of time alone in their kennels. They are very good at taking care of themselves and will not develop abandonment anxiety if they are left alone. If you are a working woman and are spending a long time away from home for work, the Greyhound will not mind it and will patiently wait for you until you get back home. But there is something you need to do for it. These dogs are still prone to running and need exercise as well. Take them out for walks as much as you can to keep them fit, but be sure to always use a leash when walking them so they do not run off on you. They are great jogging partners as well and if you are a woman who tries to stay physically fit and active, these dogs are perfect and they will enjoy going on regular jogs with you.

Top Dog Breeds for Single Women- Greyhound in a park


A Boxer is yet another dog that will help a single woman hold her own against any intruders. It is a mean looking dog with a broad chest and an intimidating stare. No one would think of messing with you if they see you walking a boxer in front of your house. No one would think of breaking into your apartment if they see that you have a Boxer inside. These dogs are great guard dogs and are very protective of their property. A Boxer is also always there for its master and will do its utmost to protect him or her. But in the end, it is actually a sweetheart. They may be mean to others but they are very much attached to their masters and display loyalty. So a girl who needs somebody to be for her every time she needs it, she should get a Boxer.


If a Boxer is too big for your apartment, you can get a Chihuahua instead. Yes, you hear me. A Chihuahua is much more courageous and fierce than you might think. They are actually very aggressive dogs and their bark is stronger than its bite. They are equally loyal and easy to maintain. Essentially they present perfect guard dogs and will protect your apartment while you are away. They may be small, but they are equally threatening as a Boxer when it comes time to shine. But they have one advantage and that is that they are small enough not to take a lot of space in the apartment.

Top Dog Breeds for Single Women- Chihuahua and woman


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