Top Fashion Brands and Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram

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Top Fashion Brands and Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is predominantly a visual platform. That provides fashion brands with the creativity and flexibility to promote and sell; not just a single look but a way of life. It promotes a complete lifestyle. Highly creative, intuitive to the desires and requirements of the followers and exceptionally visual. Several brands are leveraging Instagram in many innovative ways. Fashion brands are often combining their posts with ingenious user-generated content for grabbing the attention of existing and new customers. The top fashion brands and fashion influencers to follow on Instagram.

Influencer marketing 

As per Forbes, the Influencer Marketing Report by eMarketer 2019, we understand that a survey was conducted by Hootsuite where 48percent of their clients admitted that they either were keen to use Influencer marketing or were already using the powerful influencer marketing involving renowned or celebrity influencers. However, 45percent of Hootsuite’s clients were already using or intending to use micro-influencers; who boasted of a highly-engaged but relatively smaller audience.

We know that beauty and fashion are supposed to be the two verticals; that provide immense support to the concept of influencer marketing and celebrity endorsement. Several retail and fashion brands are lending themselves to embellishing celebs; they are more than happy to partner with top brands that they love. A quick victory for fashion and retail brands on Instagram; would be to post pictures of celebs wearing their designer clothes and accessories. In this context, you must know that you could buy 50 real Instagram followers by seeking professional assistance from a reputed digital marketing company.

Big names in the world of showbiz like Selena Gomez coordinating with brand giants such as Adidas. Could mean hundreds of thousands of USD in terms of revenue for the reputed brand. A post that is endorsed by Beyoncé, the Instagram queen would be at least, worth $1,000,000. It surely implies that such celebs would be charging exorbitantly to endorse top brands. Here are a top few Instagram fashion influencers and fashion brands.

Top Three Fashion Influencers on Instagram

Chiara Ferragni (who boasts of almost 17 Million followers)

Chiara Ferragni is the most popular and successful fashion influencer. Who is from Italy and regarded as a top fashion hub in Europe! We know that Chiara Ferragni initiated her career as a fashion blogger. The fashion blog that marked the beginning of this amazing success story was referred to as ‘The Blonde Salad’; way back in 2009. Today, over ten years later, this creative and highly-talented businesswoman from Italy; makes her living predominantly from her intensely popular and successful social media presence.

Ferragni is regarded as the most renowned and successful fashion blogger across the world. Moreover, her huge Instagram community comprising 16.8 million followers firmly believes so and agrees to the fact. Her positive Instagram statistics are attributed to her consistency and authenticity.

Chiara has kept herself busy by establishing her powerful social media empire and extending herself to novel areas of business. She has launched her brand of clothing line in 2013. The Ferragni Collection is presently estimated to be valued at millions of dollars. She has collaborated with major brands such as Lancome, Intimissimi, and Calzedonia. Just one Instagram post from her is known to generate an income of over $84.000 in terms of earned media. This figure is, however, without taking into account the supplemental value that is supposed to be included by her co-sign.

Camila Coelho (who boasts of almost 8.2 M followers)

Camila Coelho is a phenomenally popular vlogger and blogger. Who has optimally leveraged her huge social media popularity and following; to establish an incredibly impressive career that revolves around beauty and fashion. As a top influencer on Instagram; she boasts of having a community of over 8 million beauty and fashion aficionados; coming from all over the world. She enjoys a truly international Instagram audience. She has recently introduced her fashion apparel brand called the ‘Camila Coelho Collection’ in collaboration with Revolve. We understand that her Summer Collection 2019 has gained phenomenal popularity.

Noha Style Icon (who boats of 7.9 M followers)

Noha Nabil is regarded as a phenomenally popular and successful fashion influencer dominating the Middle East fashion world. The fashion guru from Kuwait has collaborated with some of the major fashion brands, such as; Swarovski, Bourjois Paris, and L’occitane. She has usually featured as their first Kuwaiti influencer. Her path-breaking work with all these top brands; seems to have pioneered a road to a successful career for future fashion influencers.

Top Two Fashion Brands on Instagram

Everlane @everlane

Even though Everlane @everlane’s account has no dearth of eye-catching product imagery. They encourage the concept of sharing feature pictures of their loyal customers flaunting Everlane clothes. This phenomenally popular fashion brand; motivates and inspires travel photography and shares tips on art destinations and gastronomic delights; from across the world.

Nike @nike

The behemoth sports brand has actively embraced fascinating video content. They have been consistently sharing clips with their remarkable audience of around 7.1 million followers on Instagram. Their Instagram feed is known to feature an inspirational blend of fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes.


Influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements have paved the way for success for many businesses and brands on Instagram. Moreover, fashion buffs draw a lot of inspiration from top fashion brands on Instagram. All in all, Instagram is the destination to head for if fashion is your passion.


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