Top Household Emergencies that Can Happen to You

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Top Household Emergencies that Can Happen to You

It is better to be safe than sorry, and it is absolutely best if you are prepared. We cannot control some aspects of our lives. And this especially goes for random incidents that tend to creep up on us and pull the rug from underneath our feet. Actually, you can be prepared for some of such incidents. These are the top household emergencies that can happen to you but with some planning are avoidable.


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The pipes can burst within walls or toilets, and drains can get clogged – either way, the house is getting wet. We usually notice such emergencies when it’s already too late.  So, the best thing you can do is try to deal with the situation until the repairmen come.

The most important preventive measure is to be careful with what you put in your toilet and drains. A tissue can seem like a harmless thing to throw down the toilet, right? But over time it can build into a dangerous pipe-bursting clog. Use a bin instead and this situation is completely preventable.

In general, clogged drains are easy to handle – just put on some rubber gloves and remove the blockage by hand. If you cannot reach it, the plunger can do the job. Rubber gloves are also an amazing asset if you need to unscrew the drain cap and pull the yucky sediment out.

As far as wall-wetting deep pipe-bursts are concerned. In such cases, call the professionals as soon as you notice the first blotches.

Roof damage

man with safety gear repairing house roof

Most roof damage occurs due to gutters that have not been cleaned for quite some time. The dry leaves soak in rainwater over time, and it can eventually damage the roof and spread the dangerous mould. Make sure to clean the gutters. Get out the ladder for a thorough inspection of the roof especially, during transitional seasons like autumn and spring. Roof damage can creep up on you and once it becomes noticeable, it is ripe for a repair that is extremely expensive.

Power blackout/failure

Electricity problems are nearly impossible to predict. But you can do several things to prevent the ones that are caused by human factor. Keep the branches from your backyard and front yard trees trimmed and away from the power lines. Make sure your fuse box is in good condition and always have a few fuses in stock just in case.

If there is more to the problem than a tripped switch. Best you call the most reliable emergency electrician. You can go a step further and purchase a generator in case your work depends on electricity at the moment when the incident occurs.

Locked out

Getting locked out of the house with no key on you is one of those embarrassing things that happens every once in a while. Have a spare key hidden in an unlikely place – not under the mattress or beneath the letterbox, but somewhere you truly know nobody will look – a tiny box camouflaged on a tree is a good choice.

Black and white photo of bunch of silver keys

It is also convenient in situations when the house needs to be unlocked promptly due to the fire emergency and you are without your original copy. This is also why you should always have the neighbours’ phone numbers on your cell. All in all, a hidden key can be a true lifesaver.

Bonus Tip: Be ready for any emergency with some simple preparations

There are several things each of us can do to prepare for any emergency in advance. The key is to deal with the problems in a timely manner and with great efficiency. Make sure your grill pit is at least ten feet away from your house and clean it regularly.

Purchase tools like fire extinguishers and keep at least one inside the house and one outside, in the backyard. There are many ways to prepare for these emergencies, and you can comb through the internet to find all the necessary information.

There is no need to panic if any of these emergencies happen to you. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can handle each of these problems yourself or at least come up with a temporary solution until the repairmen or maintenance professionals come to the rescue. Furthermore, you can make a small effort to prepare your household for any future incidents so they can be handled effectively before greater damage befalls you.

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