Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Sydney

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Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Sydney

Truth be told, Sydney is a city where almost every nook and cranny seem Insta-friendly, just waiting for a perfect snap to dazzle your followers. From a virtually infinite slew of spots, here’s our list of picture-perfect places in the city for all of you artsy folks to make some memories and inspire your friends’ wanderlust!

Laid-back on Cockatoo Island

No weekend is complete without a visit to the Cockatoo Island on a lazy Sunday morning, for a sunny adventure of relaxing on the beach, a picnic, or a barbecue for the meat-lovers. A historically relevant site, it’s now protected by UNESCO, and there are many tours all over the island that will show you the hidden historical spots worth a selfie with a catchy caption.

Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Sydney -Cockatoo Instagram

A night tour for the ghost-story enthusiasts, sports activities such as surfing, tennis or kayaking, and a wine and cheese tasting experience for the gourmets on the island are all proofs that there’s something for everyone.

Keep cool in Surry Hills

The chic suburb of Surry Hills is the hotspot for many a cool event, in numerous venues that span from hip coffee shops to vintage stores. However, it is also home to the city’s (if not the continent’s) best gelato, and thus a perfect food photo awaiting, in Gelato Messina.

Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Sydney - Surry hills

Looking for a colourful souvenir? No better place than Holy Kitsch to scour for a unique Mexican wrestling mask (talk about a way to scare your Instagram friends), to getting those vintage lanterns for a uniquely-lit selfie. Strangely modern as well as buildings inspired by nature also give you plenty of snap-chances. The Sydney Surry Hills library and community centre along with the loved-hated brutalist building are just some of many examples.

Neutral Bay’s surf spirit

The very fact that you’ll be visiting the northern shore is more than enough to inspire some pictures – the ocean glare, the view of the yachts in the harbour, and the Anderson Park are all breathtakingly photogenic sights. You can also sneak a peek at the illuminated tree at the Oaks Hotel, and the lovely architecture of the churches in the area.

Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Sydney-neutral bay

Yearning for an eclectic, yet delicious surroundings immersed in foliage and natural light? Then capture the cool vibe at Socal Neutral Bay for your next Instagram snap! After you feast your eyes on the oh-so-Instagrammable barbecue served in their California-inspired venue, you’ll have a hard time resisting their signature cocktails.

The Rocks for the artsy

If you’re aching for an artsy exhibition unlike any other, stop by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Australia, where visual beauty meets modern flair. Perfect for experimenting with angles, lighting and details, your inner art-fan will fall head-over-heels in love with Jenny Watson’s conceptual representations, as well as the occasional lectures you’re welcome to attend.

Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Sydney - the rocks

And the pièce de résistance of the building, you will find a modern café perched on top of the museum, with a striking view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge – what more could a photographer wish for?

Its majesty, the University of Sydney

Don’t be fooled by the magnificent exterior of this respected place, as it also hides a number of urban spots for your inner rebel, making it a perfect Instagram-worthy spot for students and visitors alike. Stop by the graffiti tunnel and the Quadrangle, also known as Hogwarts, a stunning sandstone building sure to overflow your Instagram profile with gorgeous images.

Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Sydney- University of Sydney

Planted in 1928, the famous Jacaranda tree was among the University’s main symbols until it passed away in 2016. Since then it has been replaced by an identical clone that now continues the legacy of beauty and charm, inspiring many a photograph during its lifetime.

Filter-free at Bondi Beach

Quintessentially Australian, Bondi Beach is everything we love about Sydney and the entire continent – pure, versatile, welcoming and inspiring. It encapsulates all the natural beauty of this city, so whenever you visit the sandy shores, you’ll be eager for another selfie or a crisp sunrise image.

Top Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Sydney - Bondi

The Icebergs Pool above Bondi Beach is as Instagrammable as a place can get, and it’s one of those Eifel Tower images that find their way to social media in any form possible.  All the blues of the playful ocean and the whites of the crashing waves always make for a different, yet equally stunning picture for your digital album of memories.

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