Top Luxury Watches by Michael Kors

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Top Luxury Watches by Michael Kors

Doubt not, Michael Kors about building his prowess in the realms of horology. Over these years, as a result, he has offered many stylish and affordable options; ranging from the analog to the latest hot choice – the smartwatch! It becomes increasingly tough, from that context, to present – or even mention – the top tier luxury pieces from Michael Kors. Still, in an attempt, we’ve rounded up some of them we think to be the best till date from the brand! Some are captivating beauties; some astounding and the rest – Brutally Handsome! But all look expensive; confident, bold.

View at your own risk. Indulgence is Sin. Even if it doesn’t wreak havoc on your bank account! These are the top luxury watches by Micahel Kors.

Michael Kors Jetmaster Automatic

A gateway watch towards more refined horology, the Jetmaster clearly amasses from a large variety of cues that you will find in iconic watch models. The skeletonized dial reveals the mechanism within just like Hublot while the sub-dial layout is reminiscent of Audemars Piguet. And the bracelet resembles nothing other than the traditional Rolex blended to TAG.

Michael Kors Lexington 2

Sophisticated and stylish, the Michael Kors Lexington 2 is chiefly aimed towards women. Men with comparatively slimmer wrists might also find this smart-watch is a solid fashion-wear. Its updated internals ensure overall superior performance and offers a much-improved wearing experience, something that will appeal more to the high-end style-conscious populace.

Michael Kors Access

Available in two basic colours gold and black, they exhibit an exclusive Michael Kors display face that changes with every swipe. You may choose between a digital chronograph; a glittering pave, but wait! Not just two; there are hundreds of display combinations to suit your every mood and purpose.

Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph

Any active guy should love it! Everything is sporty about it. The Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph watch is perfect for lovers of bold, black looks; thick bracelets and polished links. A functional and fashionable choice, this impressive timepiece draws your attention with its blackness and the three chronograph sub-dials sticking out from it. Stylish and durable design ensures a lot of resistance against sudden, concussive forces and drops head-on.

Michael Kors Dylan

When you want comfort and functions embrace fashion, the Dylan responds with full fervour! Unmatched longevity, a beautiful design, lightweight and ideal for casual wearing, it’s made for the elegant man who likes to be on the move.

Michael Kors Runway Chronograph

A fashionable watch that is functional every bit, the Michael Kors Runway Chronograph deserves compliments for its eye-catching details and appeals not just from the style perspective. It’s elegant and precise; however, do not expect it to be as precise as digital chronographs.


The abovementioned names represent both value and quality but they do not reflect the same in pricing. Their unique aspect is their attention to detail; be it in designs, the finishes or in their inner mechanism. They are built to perfectly coordinate with every possible dressing style and withstand the rigours of everyday urban use. That’s not to say they are inappropriate for the outdoors; just not too much.

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