Top Seven Travel Comfy Hairdos

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Top Seven Travel Comfy Hairdos

Travelling is fun but how do you achieve that perfect hairstyle without too much fussing . When you’re travelling you want an easy, comfortable, and stylish, no-fuss hairstyle that is very low maintenance. Following are seven practicle and comfy travel  hairdos that are low-maintenance and look great.

Low, side ponytail

Side ponytail

Low, side ponytail hairstyle as worn by Taylor Swift is great for when you’re on the move a lot and do not have time to wash your hair every day. Brush your hair to the side, gather it in a low ponytail, move it to one side of your neck and tie it up. To create a bit of volume, tousle the end of the tail.

Loose Updo

Loose updo

To get this  pretty relaxed, yet stylish updo like Zoe Saldana, tease the crown of your hair for extra volume and brush back into a loose updo. Leave out some hair both sides of your face for a classy look.

Hat Hair


A black or brown beret is a smart and chic accessory to make tousled hair look trendy. Style the ends of your hair once you have your beret on the way you like it. Wrap the ends around a curling iron very loosely and you’ll sport an easy and chic look.

Half-up, Half-down 


This half-up, half-down hairstyle is an easy and soft look to maintain. Pin side hair back and leave some loose locks to give it that feminine look.

Braid it


You might not fancy the ponytail style then you could always braid you hair to the one side like Alanis Morissette.

 Knot it up

knot it up

For the more adventurous you can knot your hair up just like Gwen Stefani, which is an awesome travelling style. This is a fun style and there’s no wrong way to wear it. Simply, twist your hair in a bun and secure it.



Another way to glam up your travelling look is to throw bold bangs on like LaLa Vasquez.


These are hairstyles that are easy to maintain and make you feel human by the time you’ve reached your destination without loosing your mind. Now try out some of these styles and find your favourite. Travel looking like a celebrity.




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