Touch Yourself Tonight, Ladies Edition.

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Touch Yourself Tonight, Ladies Edition.

Once again, Deadpool encourages audiences to touch themselves — for cancer awareness. This time he has a ladies edition. He wants the ladies to touch themselves, obviously for a good reason, to check for breast cancer.

In this latest instalment of Touch Yourself Tonight video, Deadpool explains so eloquently to all the women out there. That if lately, they have caught their men “with their hands down their pants, it’s because I have been asking them to check their walnuts for lumps and bumps, so we can give testicular cancer a kick in the balls.”

Being the good guy he is, he urges women to self-examine their breasts, as he explains one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer over their lifetime.

After a series of  jokes, the character cues up an instructional video on breast cancer detection. This hero is all about saving lives by getting you to touch yourself and  ignore early signs.

If the movie is half as good as the commercials it will be great.

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