Trailer For Planet Earth II Is Spectacular

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Trailer For Planet Earth II Is Spectacular

A couple days ago, Planet Earth II released its first official extended trailer and it’s spectacular. If you were a fan of the first Planet Earth series from BBC, you will be thrilled to hear that the best documentary on TV is coming back Planet Earth II .

Ten years ago Planet Earth changed our view of the world, a series so gorgeous that learning about the different environments and animals of the world was breathtaking. Now the follow up series called Planet Earth II is definitely happening.

Planet Earth II will be shot in UHD, that is ultra high definition, so taking its viewers closer than before to life and all its wonder.

See the stunning footage below of the natural world and the game-changing manner in which it is presented. A documentary that will explore the marvels of our planet like no other before.


Planet Earth II still doesn’t have an official release date and we may still have quite a wait but it will be all worth it because we can be sure that this going to be a documentary like no other.

Meanwhile you might be able to stream all eleven episodes of Planet Earth in Netflix.

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