Travel Vibes – 5 Ways To Satisfy Your Travel Urge If You Can’t Leave Home

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Travel Vibes – 5 Ways To Satisfy Your Travel Urge If You Can’t Leave Home

It doesn’t matter whether you call it wanderlust, the travel bug, or simply a deep-seated desire to getaway. We’ve all experienced it at one point or another, and it can be a total pain to deal with if we’re stuck at home for some reason. That’s why today, we’re sharing our tips on how to satisfy your travel urge if you can’t leave home:

Try Food And Drinks From Other Areas

Our first solution is a simple one, and that’s to experiment with foods and drinks from other cultures. We often experience the world through taste. Drinks, in particular, can easily spark certain feelings within us. 

Unless you’ve chosen not to consume alcohol, there’s a fair chance that it’s a large part of your holiday experience. The good news is that this vibe is very easy to replicate at home with a little creativity. For example, if you’d much rather be in Italy right now, why not buy vermouth and enjoy the traditional taste of this lovely wine.

Make A Travel Vision Board

Another way to satisfy your cravings for far-away places is to create a travel vision board. Sure, you can’t go anywhere right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream. Instead of being upset about being stuck at home, find a platform that suits your needs (or a large piece of cardboard and some magazine clippings if you prefer an old-school approach), and build yourself a travel vision board. 

This will help you plan out all the adventures you’re going to go on when you can. There are plenty of ways to complete this activity, so if one doesn’t work for you but you feel it could be helpful, don’t be afraid to try others.

Camp In Your Backyard 

If getting back to nature is more your style, why not give camping in your backyard a try? While nothing can compare to setting up your tent or swag by a river and spending the days with only the birds for company, this really is the next best thing if you’re stuck at home. Bonus points for this one if you’ve got a safe backyard fire pit – roasting marshmallows is fun no matter where you do it!

Look Back At Memories From Previous Trips

By reliving past trips, you may be able to satiate your desire for another, at least for the time being. Break out your scrapbook or photo album (or scroll through your camera roll if that’s more your thing), and immerse yourself in the memories. You may even wish to combine this tip with our first one. If you enjoyed a particular cocktail on your trip, whip one up! If you visited a coffee roastery or plantation, pair your photo journey with the feel-good vibes of a tasty brew. 

Turn Your Home Into A Hotel

Finally, if a vacation to you means staying in the lap of luxury, try turning your home into a hotel. Have someone babysit for the night, and break out your best sheet set. Turn the lights down low, diffuse your favourite aromatherapy oil, and indulge in a movie you’ve been wanting to watch. You can even order a luxury gourmet hamper and pretend that it’s room service to really complete the experience. 

Wanting to travel but not being able to certainly isn’t fun. However, there’s no point wallowing in despair. The tips in this article are worth giving a go. You may even find that a holiday at home is far more relaxing than one spent abroad. Enjoy!

Featured photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash
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