Truth About The Food We Eat.

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Truth About The Food We Eat.

How many people really know how bad our food chain is at the moment?

We are kept in the dark by clever marketing ploys that distorted the truth about the food we eat so we continue to think the food we buy is healthy and good for us. The majority of us believe that food is the best medicine to prevent and cure a disease. As consumers we strive to buy food that we were led to believe is natural and healthy for us.

The reality is, if we saw first hand what is going into our food and also how our food is produced, we probably wouldn’t buy it.

For example, when it comes to animals, if we saw the conditions that they live in, how they are raised from birth, how they are slaughtered and what food and medications go into them, we probably wouldn’t eat it. Medication such as the use of antibiotics to prevent diseases from spreading as large numbers of animals are living in small spaces and therefore, diseases  are easier to spread. There are real dangers in overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics.

This woman speech made a whole audience go silent as she unveils the many truths behind a web of marketing tricks to blind consumers of the horrible truths of the food we buy.

If you really want to know what is going on and how we are being manipulated and convinced by marketing companies and food industries to buy foods we probably wouldn’t otherwise buy, watch this woman’s speech in the video below.

As you realised by now this video was a mock speech but only so to deliver the very powerful message at the end. Our willingness to ignore the realities of factory farming and food production is the very reason things have escalated this far.

Our world isn’t meant to be this way, where company profits are far more important than the health of millions of people.

First, however, as the woman in above video states; we need to change our attitude and willingness to be misled, as in her words ‘the power of willful ignorance can not be overstated’. A hard truth to swallow but none the less the truth of our current state of acceptance. Marketers and the food industry are and will continue to pull this veil of lies if only we allow them.

Time to change.

There are things we can all do as individuals to end factory farming and together; by creating awareness we can expose the suffering, changing the minds of food businesses, of politicians, and of the public.

The only way to reverse this collective thinking is for all of us to vote with our wallets. Buying healthier food and cutting down our health bills. At the same time feeling much better and productive with a positive look to the future.

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