Truth Is Out! Women Want Sex As Much As Men

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Truth Is Out! Women Want Sex As Much As Men

According to a recent survey from the fertility awareness app Kindara, what women want is to get laid — not only at least as much as their male partners do, but actually more often. No way!!

We all like to have more sex. Wouldn’t anyone?

Kindara asked 500 female users about their typical desires. Some results were expected; such as the idea that women value emotional connection during sex more than guys, with 53 per cent of respondents saying it was essential for good sex. While 23 per cent disagreed and said foreplay is more important.

The more interesting data came from the question about desire and sexual appetite. Most of the women on the survey, 50 per cent to be exact, want more sex than what they are having and 75 per cent said they’d want to do the deed more than three times a week and an energetic 13 per cent crave it more than six times over seven days.

The modern woman has evolved to be sexually more confident, who wants sex and unapologetically demands it.

However what resonates, is not whether women want more or less sex than men, but that finally women’s sexuality is being recognised and science is starting to acknowledge it.

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