Turn A Regular Sedan Into a Luxury Vehicle With These Modifications

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Turn A Regular Sedan Into a Luxury Vehicle With These Modifications

What is the biggest difference between your basic sedan and a luxury vehicle? The details! Many of these luxury cars don’t have more horsepower and are not necessarily even better made. However, what they do have is a whole lot of frills that make driving more fun. If you want the luxury feel without the luxury price tag, check out these ways you can add some opulence to your existing ride. And turn a regular Sedan into a luxury vehicle with these modifications.

1) That New Car Smell

One of the things that distinguish a luxury car from your little brother’s first Fiat is the lack of old-sock smell. Odours happen, but if you want to quickly, affordably and instantly make your Jalopy feel more like a Jag, then get a good scent going. And not those pine trees that hang from your rearview mirror: a discreet and subtle scent dispensed through an ioniser will give you the most enduring, effective results.

luxury red car interior

2) Upholstery Overhaul

Whether you want to cover up damaged seats or prevent damage happening to your existing seats, quality, custom seat covers are an excellent way to clean up and spruce up your car. The reason custom seats are so important is that they are designed to fit your car seat dimensions, so they’ll fit like a glove. No sagging, no bunching, just stunning, smooth coverage.

Another reason custom coverage is necessary to get that luxury look is that they come in a variety of materials, like canvas seat covers. There may be a reason you don’t have a luxury car. Maybe your active, outdoor lifestyle or your gaggle of kids need a less fashionable, and more functional ride. However, products like canvas seat covers can give you the best of both worlds: a great, stylish look with heavy-duty tolerance to dirt, grime and spills. Just remove the covers and wash as needed to restore your seats to their original splendour.

3) Organise and Conquer

Here’s another tip that comes down to appearances. Keep your car neat and organised to give it a face-lift. Have place bins for trash, toys, equipment, refreshments, music, books, clothes – whatever. Just don’t leave it hanging out all over your car. One of the differences between that Lincoln that picked you up from the airport when you had that business trip, and your car is that the Lincoln did not have the contents of your gym bag all over the back seat. Keep it systematic, and keep it classy.

car GPSin car deshboard

4) Add the Perks

Again, it’s not that luxury cars always have better standard features, but they do have prettier features and more features. OK, they often have better features. Amp up the luxe by upgrading your sound system, add an entertainment centre to your car, complete with screens and internet access. Remember it’s for the pleasure of the passengers, of course. Drivers, keep your eyes on the road!

Get a killer GPS system that won’t make you feel like you’re getting your directions from a bossy ex.

5) Detail, Detail, Detail!

This is suggested in the most literal sense: namely, detail your car. Or have it detailed, and do it regularly. People who have luxury cars baby them, and there is no reason you can’t do the same for your ride. Thoroughly clean the interior at least once a month. Be sure to wash the exterior every week (or more depending on the weather and where you’ve been driving) and wax it to a stunning shine every three months.

It takes pride and commitment to carry off the luxury look in anything, and your vehicle is no exception. If you want to drive in splendour, you’ve got to put in the time and effort.

Hopefully, these tips are easy and affordable, in helping you transform your vehicle without breaking the bank or your back.

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