Turn Your Small Balcony into an Oasis

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Turn Your Small Balcony into an Oasis

For whatever reason, people seem to believe that if you have a small home, back yard or even balcony, it can’t be set up to look beautiful or stylish. However, this is, of course, completely inaccurate. The fact of the matter is, that size truly doesn’t matter when the style is concerned.

That being said, if you have a small balcony and you are one of those people who simply don’t know how to turn it into something beautiful. Start paying attention. Here are some of the easiest ways you can turn your tiny balcony into a stunning oasis of peace. Where you can enjoy your morning coffees and evening wines, while completely relaxing after a busy day or getting ready for the one before you.

Make room

Let’s be real, the chances are that your balcony is full of various clutter and things you don’t actually need. But never got around to throw out. So, before you do anything else, you should first declutter your balcony. The easiest way to do so would be to basically get rid of everything you have on it. If that’s not quite possible, throw out all the things you don’t need and relocate the ones you do for the time being. Once you’re left with a clutter-free space, give it a thorough clean and prepare it for what’s to come next.  

Deck it out

Once you’ve prepared your balcony for sprucing up. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business. First, inspect the condition of your balcony flooring. If it has seen better days, you should probably replace it. Since your balcony is small as it is, decking it shouldn’t cost too much. It will instantly elevate its look. Furthermore, see if you need to upgrade the wall paint as well, to create a beautiful backdrop.

Illuminate the area

Next, once all the messy work is done, you should illuminate your balcony. So, that you can enjoy it even when the sun goes down. You can also layer different lighting solutions even though your balcony is small. To add some dimension and create some visual depth. First, install an overhead lighting fixture that will provide you with enough light even when it’s dark outside. Next, add some mood lighting, such as the LED fairy lights, that will help you create a relaxing romantic vibe. For when you want to have some light but don’t want it to be too bright. Finally, add some solar lights as well, to subtly illuminate your favourite features of your new balcony.

Green it up

Once all that is done, you should move onto adding greenery to your newly designed balcony. Simply put, any space looks at least ten times better when there’s greenery involved in the design and balconies are no exception. Here, instead of layering the plants on the floor and the rail, consider making use of your wall space and create a breathtaking vertical garden. Vertical gardens are an excellent solution in case your floor space is limited because they don’t take up any room on the ground yet they do create that relaxing atmosphere and vibe.

Make it comfy

Finally, it is time to bring in the furniture. Of course, since your balcony is small, so should be the furniture pieces you decide to equip it with. For instance, you can go with foldable furniture so that you can free up space when you’re not spending time on your balcony. Alternatively, consider multipurpose furniture pieces that can double as storage solutions if you’re looking to create a more permanent setting. In the end, make sure you make it as cozy as possible with colourful seating and throw pillows so that you can use your balcony to relax entirely whenever you feel like it.


So, as you can see, just because you have a small balcony, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show it some love and try to turn it into a personal oasis where you can spend some time destressing and decompressing. Enjoy your new balcony!

Will Sandford

Will Sandford is a Sydney based wood architect, blogger and contributor on interior design and ecology blogs.

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