Types of Bags That Every Girl Should Have in Her Wardrobe

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Types of Bags That Every Girl Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Fashion is not only about clothes, accessories, and makeup. It’s also about various kinds of bags that a girl can have. You can see every girl owning at least one kind of bag. A handbag is not only an accessory but also defines your personality and plays an important role in enhancing your costume.

If you own only a single bag, then it might not be suitable for every occasion that you have to attend. You possibly can’t take a shoulder bag to a fancy party and a simple clutch to a grocery store. You have to own an individual bag for every outside occasion.

Today we will discuss the types of bags that every girl should own in her wardrobe. If you find anything is missing in your own closet, then it’s time to invest in that bag so that you have more functionality and beauty when your step outside. These are the types of bags that every girl should have in her wardrobe.

Tote bag

Every girl loves the importance of a tote bag. Whether to carry large items or randomly throw in the things while you shop – a tote bag is not only stylish but is functional as well. Tote bags are often oversized making them perfect to carry everything you wish to have wherever you go. You can also take them to your college if you have fewer books to carry.

Carrying a tote bag will enhance your fashion quotient. Whether you wear casual jeans or a floral dress – the tote bag embraces every costume perfectly.

A clutch

Do you have to carry lots of cash and cards wherever you go? Then a clutch is the best thing to carry small essential things and some cash. Clutches are also an item that you can throw in the tote bag. It’s also a perfect bag when you go to a coffee with your girl gang. You can also carry it with you when you have to meet a friend urgently who is in need of cash.

Various styles and patterns are available in clutches suitable to every girl’s needs. Whether you prefer dark colours or light colorful patterns – you can find the perfect clutch matching your costume and pose.

Shoulder bag

Your wardrobe won’t be complete without a shoulder bag. They are designed to carry them onto your shoulder and are big enough to hold your clutch, bottle, iPad, mobile, and other small necessities. They contain one or two big zippers with inside compartments to store any private things that have to carry. Shoulder bags like satchels and messenger bags never go out of trend as they are stylish, comfortable, and suitable for almost all occasions that you have to attend. Learn the difference between a satchel and a messenger bag.

An evening clutch

An evening clutch will give you a glamorous look with its glittery shine. You can take them on romantic dates, evening parties, etc. They are like day clutches with the necessary space to store all your essentials like cards, cash, and makeup products like powder and lipstick. When you are picking evening clutches, it’s best to go for sequin detail blingy clutches and patterns like that.

A sling bag

Bags are an important part of the costume for women. However, it can be tiring to carry them all day restricting your hand movements. Enter the sling bag where you can carry all your essentials in it and hang them onto your shoulder keeping your hands free and light. The primary advantage of sling bags is that you can carry an additional bag in it so that you can use it when you have to go to the grocery store.

Canvas or cloth bag

Canvas or cloth bags are perfect when you are in the mood for a lazy day of shopping or when you want to hit the road for a quick grocery run. They are fashionable, eco-friendly, and spacious enough to carry whatever you want. Another advantage is that they are also lightweight making it perfect for you to shop and put things in them without feeling burdened.

Duffle bag

Are you in the mood for a trip during the weekend? Then duffel bags are the most suitable to carry some pairs of clothes, toiletries, chargers, snacks, etc. Also called a weekender bag, duffle bags are also suitable to carry to airports, hotels, etc., as hand luggage.

Whenever you want to take a vacation for a couple of days or want to go with your friends to a resort or any recreational place, you can carry a duffle bag. It’s comfortable to carry and spacious to hold all your necessities.


Students can understand the importance of a backpack. Whether to fit in all the study books or to keep their hands free during their journey to college, backpacks offer ultimate comfort. You can hang the straps on both shoulders so that you don’t feel burdened to carry the weight of the books. Backpacks are also great bags when you are going on a day outing with your friends. You can carry a mobile, snacks, bottles, cash, and cards and you won’t feel the weight on your hands.

It’s one of the different kinds of bags to use when you’re on the move with your friends or family.


These are the bags that we think every girl should have in her wardrobe. If you don’t have any of the mentioned, then invest in quality bags so that they look beautiful while being functional for as long as you want.

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