Uber meets Tinder A Parody Ad Gone Viral.

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Uber meets Tinder A Parody Ad Gone Viral.

This parody ad, shows us how to use ‘UnDer’ the new app if Tinder and Uber were to be combine. Combining two of the moment’s most popular mobile apps; one a dating app and the other a taxi app, to create ‘UnDer’ the ultimate auto-erotic experience” imagine the possibilities. This video however was made as a April Fools prank.

This three minute video shows a woman looking for a ride, after choosing her driver, they have a drink.  Not long after things get hot between the two, who started kissing until they were both seen naked. A series of fun scenarios are shown after, playing with the idea of what could happen if this marriage was to become a possibility.

Combining these two apps might in reality make for dangerous driving and creepy dating experiences, but as a spoof it works well.

This video was recently uploaded on YouTube by Barely Productions, who share humorous videos, song parodies and others, and has had over five million views.

Watch below the ultimate auto-erotic experience called ‘UnDer”. Just keep in mind it’s  a fake three-minute and 18-second commercial but fun to watch:



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