The Ultimate checklist for all travelers

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The Ultimate checklist for all travelers.

Planning an overseas vacation soon? Who doesn’t need a checklist to ensure all details are not overlooked.

There is  quite a lot of preparation prior to traveling and there are things that shouldn’t ever be overloked. From packing a prepaid travel card, to getting vaccinated and knowing local laws. The following 8 ultimate checklist is going to make sure you avoid travel fails on your holiday.

Take a prepaid travel card

If you’re looking for a safe way to carry cash abroad, a prepaid travel card is an absolute must when travelling overseas. A prepaid travel card is easy, convenient, and secure no matter where you are in the world. So before you travel get a travel visa card.

Pack copies of your important documents

This might seem like stating the obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t bother. If you lose your passport or travel documents, the backups will save you a lot of drama and to really play it safe leave a copy with your family.

Pack your carry-on bag

If your luggage gets lost, you’ll be glad for having some spare clothes and toiletries packed in your carry-on bag. While the airline will usually locate your bag within 24 hours, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a new country without a change of cothes, fresh undies or a toothbrush.

Get vaccinated

Your doctor will know what vaccines you need for the coutries you are vsiting. Visit your doctor well in advance of your holiday to allow time for any vaccinations required for your trip.

Pack a health kit

Be prepared for anything by packing your own personal health kit. Include plenty of wound-care items for cuts and scratches, antihistamine, as well as antibiotic ointments, pain relief and digestive aids. If you have any allergies you should pack emergency medecine with you too.

Buy a local sim

Swap your sim for a local card to save a huge amount of money.

Keep an emergency stash of money

If you lose your wallet or your handbag gets stolen, keeping an emergency stash of money on you will be a life saver.

Be aware of local laws

Going to Singapore? Don’t chew gum on the Mass Rapid Trans (MRT) system . Heading to Dubai? Don’t get drunk on the street. Being aware of local laws will keep you safe abroad.



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